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The difference between Mystery Tour with Nook Miles Tickets and Kapp'n Boat Tour Islands


Animal Crossing New Horizons has 2 ways to get out of the island, both of which have similarities and differences. Read on to find out how Mystery Tour is connected to Kapp'n Boat Tour Islands!


Animal Crossing New Horizons Mystery Tour
Mystery Journey allows players to randomly visit unknown islands from the island's airport. Players are offered a way to collect more crafting materials, such as iron blocks used up on their home island, as well as opportunities to collect rare fish and insects, non-native fruit trees, and hybrid flowers. Island arrivals on Mystery Tour using Nook Miles Tickets are random and the same island cannot be visited multiple times. Animal Crossing New Horizons has 18 unique ACNH island layouts depending on the island terrain. Some islands will only start appearing after the Resident Services tents on the player's island are upgraded to buildings.


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Kapp'n Boat Tour Islands - Animal Crossing New Horizons
Kapp'n, a charming green sea turtle who loves to sing, is a new addition to the Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update and the central mission of the Kapp'n Boat Tour Islands. He is at the ACNH Island Pier, offering paid services. For a round trip fee of 1,000 Nook Miles, he will transport the player to the mysterious island. His skin is green and slightly bald, and he wears a simple blue vest with a green shell on his back. In short, when you see him, you can easily think of a vacation. If you can't see Kapp'n on the island, check to see if your island has a 3-star rating and if KK Slider has had his first concert. When these 2 conditions are met, Kapp'n will appear on the boat at the island's pier.


How to quickly upgrade an island to 3 stars?
1, Place Furniture outdoors
2, Upgrade the Facilities
3, Add Bridges and Slopes
4, Add more villagers(7 Villagers or more)
5, Plant more trees
5, Plant more flowers
7, Add fencing
8, Pluck weeds and pick up garbage


List of Kapp'n Boat Tour Islands Island Items
Vine & Glowing Moss Island coconunt trees, vines, glowing moss and two types of plumeria bushes: white and pink.
Vegetable Crop Island Pumpkins(orange, white, yellow and green), Tomatoes, Potatoes, Wheat, Sugarcane.
Star Fragment Island star fragments, a message bottle containing a DIY Recipe.
Cherry Blossom Island cherry blossom petals, cherry blossom themed DIY recipes.
Snow Island winter specific materials like snowflakes to be able to craft some DIY recipes.
Bamboo Island fully grown bamboo and plenty of bamboo shoots.
Money Island Money Trees containing multiple bags of 1,000 bells on each one.



Nook Miles Tickets' Mystery Journey and Kapp'n Boat Tour Islands Data Analysis

Same point:
1. All need to consume Nook Miles.
2. All Mystery Tour that can reach the location will receive additional ACNH Items.

Similarities and differences:
1. The consumption of Nook Miles is different. One Nook Miles Ticket on Dodo Airlines costs 2,000 Nook Miles. A Kapp'n Boat Tour Islands only costs 1,000 Nook Miles.
2. The means of transportation are different. Nook Miles Tickets travel means by plane, Kapp'n Boat Tour Islands means by boat.
3. The daily limit is different. Travel with Nook Miles Tickets has an unlimited number of flights per day, while Kapp'n Boat Tour Islands is limited to one per day.
4. The harvested ACNH Items are different. Kapp'n Boat Tour Islands can find special items such as fruits, vegetable crops, flowers, fish, and star fragments, while the Nook Miles Tickets way of travel can not only get fruits, fossils, materials, and other items but also have the opportunity to invite animal villagers to live on the island.


Either way, you can leave your island and explore other island layouts. In the process of mysterious travel, you can collect materials from other islands, and you can also learn from excellent island design and planning. ACitems.com offers Bells & NMT combo store where you can have both ACNH Bells and Nook Miles Tickets. Animal Crossing Bells lets you buy what's on sale from the shelves at Nook's Cranny, ABLE Sister, and Nook Shopping. Animal Crossing NMT can help collect more DIY recipes. Especially during this period, some ACNH bundle items are still 20% OFF. This means that with the purchase of an item, you get double ACNH Items. You can invest more scientifically in the ACNH Items of your account with rooms and islands.