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Which Mystery tours can I access with Nook Miles Tickets?


Mystery Journey allows players to explore the unknown, as well as the opportunity to bring back fruits, fish, bugs, rare materials, and even ACNH Bells.


Nintendo gives players maximum control over their islands. Especially after the ACNH 2.0 item list is updated, the list of Animal Crossing New Horizons items that our players can choose from is as high as 9000+. After the ACNH update, all you need to do is sift through combinations in the Animal Crossing list to find furniture items, landscape placement items, DIY recipe items, decorative items, and more that match your island style. Our players' island design inspiration can come from different places, such as famous movies, famous buildings, real-life towns, interesting entertainment places, and even your real home. When you're feeling tired, you can also visit Mystery Island Tours with ACNH Nook Miles Tickets.


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Animal Crossing New Horizons' Mystery tour is another way Nintendo gives Animal Crossing players another way to quickly gather more crafting materials. While we can also collect and craft ACNH Items on our island, Mystery Journey brings you more crafting materials. Most players like to come on a Mystery tour to collect rare fish and insects, non-native fruit trees, and hybrid flowers. A Nook Miles Ticket (Animal Crossing NMT) is required to start the Mystery tour. ACNH NMT can be redeemed for 2,000 ACNH Nook Miles at Resident Services Centres on their islands. Earning Nook Miles requires you to complete daily quests on your island, which are very simple. Go to Dodo Airlines with the exchanged Animal Crossing Nook Miles Tickets, and exchange with Orville at the counter, he will ask you if you want to visit a Mystery tour after seeing the Tickets in your account, you just need to answer yes.


Mystery tours that players use ACNH NMT to arrive at are different. So, don't think about visiting the same island twice. After arriving on the mysterious island via Dodo Airlines, you may be on an ordinary player island like you or a unique island in New Horizons. As for ordinary islands, you can choose Animal Crossing Items, flowers, fruits, trees, etc. that you think are helpful to bring back to your island. But if it's a rare and unique island, then you're in luck. Because the rare mysterious island can only be encountered once a day. Rare and mysterious islands do not have specific names, and the generic names are related to the island's terrain. Some islands will only start appearing after the Resident Services tents on the player's island are upgraded to buildings.


List of Rare Mystery Islands

Name Encounter Rate Map Describe
Spiral River Island 9.68% The whole island is run by the river. The flow of the river is spiral.
Big Pond Island 9.68% An island with a large pond in the middle. There is many fish in the pond, such as koi.
Short River Island 9.68% A two-tiered island with a river running down a waterfall from the second tier, the views are very beautiful.
Short River and Pond Island 9.68% The island layout is similar to Short River Island. It has an extra pond.
Arachnid Island 2% (rare) Single layer island. There is an octagonal stream in the center of the island, which surrounds a small island in the center. The creek is so narrow that it can be jumped without poles. This layout can only appear between 7 pm and 4 am.
Bamboo Island 10% A one-story island with bamboo. There are palm trees on the beach. This island has the highest encounter rate.
Money Rock Island 5% Residential Services Building upgrades are required. An island of only money, surrounded by water. Smash the center island rock and you'll get ACNH Bells. , a total of 88,500 Bells island-wide.
Scorpion and Money Rock Island 1% (rare) Residential Services Building upgrades are required. Money stones and flowers are scattered on the ground between the cliffs, and there is no water feature. Scorpions are also abundant on this island.
Trash Island 1% This island is great for farming Nook Miles and DIY recipes using trash, as well as any bugs that lay eggs on the water.
Fin Island 0.5% (rare) Residential Services Building upgrades are required. Inside there are oblong cliffs, the highest.
Waterfall Island 10% A three-tiered island dominated by cliffs, rivers, and waterfalls. The island is useful for obtaining cliff-top fish like string and char, and since it also has a separate estuary, it also makes estuarine spawning fish like sturgeon easier to farm.
Mountain Island 8% A three-level island, the first level contains hardwood or cedar trees and the second level contains only fruit trees. The top floor has many flowers and five rocks. There are no ponds or rivers, so only sea fish can be caught.
Sister Fruit Island 10% An island with 19 fruit trees that are not the same type as your native fruit.
Big Fish Island 3% (rare) The island has four rocks, four palm trees, four players' native fruit trees, and six other deciduous trees.
Gold Rock and Scorpion Island 0.3% (rare) Residential Services Building upgrades are required. A rare island with a single rock in the middle that only drops gold nuggets when hit. The rock is surrounded by a rectangular pond with cliffs to the south. Accessing the rocks requires ladders and poles.
Rugged Tree Island 1.5% (rare) Residential Services Building upgrades are required. An island with no water features and no fruit trees except coconut palms. It has three small cliff areas, two are single level and one is two levels. Hardwood trees are abundant and densely packed.
Hardwood Island 1% (rare) The layout of this island is the same as Bamboo Island, except that it has only hardwood trees and no bamboo. The only insects that are produced are those associated with trees, such as walking sticks, giant deer, and horn atlas.
Curly River Island 8% An island with a square cliff and a waterfall. Only dragonflies and water-related insects lay their eggs here.


It's impossible to calculate which island you can reach, but it must be a brand-new island. In the process of exploring Mystery Islands with Nook Miles Tickets, except for basic tools such as shovels, poles, and catch nets, it is best to leave the rest of the backpack empty. You can place the contents of the backpack in the open space of your island. If you cannot hold other Animal Crossing Items due to insufficient backpack capacity, you will need to discard the contents of the backpack. The size of the player's backpack capacity will also expand with the upgrade of the island level, with a maximum capacity of 4*10. While exploring Mystery Islands, you can purchase Golden Tool Sets, fancy furniture items, cheap ACNH Bells, and even Buy Nook Miles Tickets at ACItems.com. As a professional trading website, ACitems.com provides an ACNH Items list, which not only includes Nook's Cranny shelf items but also allows you to enjoy 10% OFF. Nook's Cranny upgrade will provide more ACNH Items. Come!