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How to quickly upgrade Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island to 5 stars - ACItems.com


An Island Crossing 5-star rating is the highest Animal Crossing rating. The island rating system can help players judge the level of their town design. Follow the steps below to quickly upgrade your island to the highest level.


Animal Crossing New Horizons Ratings
Every novice player enters the island with nothing. With the increase of island items, the upgrade of houses, the construction of bridges, etc., your island level will gradually increase. Animal Crossing Bells are featured throughout the New Horizons game. ACNH Bells can be used to pay off Tom's loan and will unlock 6 rooms, build houses for new villagers, and buy seasonal items. Therefore, accumulating more and more ACNH Bells can be very useful for your island rating. And Island Assessment is a free service in New Horizons. Done by Isabelle who works at Resident Services. Isabelle Animal Crossing will help you with your island upgrade plan. In other words, the island level is a kind of score that calculates the organization and design of the player's island. The higher the rating, the higher the level, and the more popular the player's island is. Players will get corresponding points for planting fruit trees, decorating rooms, hybridizing flowers, donating fossils, etc. on the island.


An Island Crossing 5-star rating iamge


The higher the New Horizons level, the deeper the story can be unlocked. A 3-star rating is an important milestone. Because after unlocking 3-star Island Animal Crossing, KK Slider will hold a romantic concert on the island. KK Slider is a famous singer. KK's repertoire includes Upbeat Songs, Serious Songs, Relaxed Songs, Blue Songs, and Other Songs. Although you can't fall in love with island villagers, you can invite your favorite villagers to come to the island for a concert together. KK will only appear on weekends, you can make a good time with friends.


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Go to Resident Services and sit at the Isabelle ACNH counter. Select "Island evals" when she asks you how she can help you. Here, she'll tell you the star rating of the island, the reviews of villagers or special characters on the island, and tips on how to improve the island. Isabelle Animal Crossing will not be at the counter during the Fireworks Show, therefore you cannot get your evaluation.


1 star: The starting rating. 6 villagers or fewer (besides the player), 80 points or fewer in development, or 200 points or fewer in the scenery. If you have 6 villagers, what should otherwise be a 2-star rating drops to a 1-star rating.
2 stars: 7+ villagers (including those who have moved away), 80–159 points in development, and 200–269 points in the scenery. If you have 7 villagers, what should otherwise be a 3, 4, or 5-star rating drops to a 2-star rating.
3 stars: 8+ villagers, 160–399 points in development, and 270–349 points in the scenery.
4 stars: 8+ villagers, 400–664 points in development, and 350–449 points in the scenery.
5 stars: The highest rating. 8+ villagers, 665+ points in development, and 450+ points in the scenery. In addition, no negative conditions must be met (which otherwise will cap the island at a 4-star rating until rectified).



How to increase your island rating to 5 stars? - Development and Scenery
To increase your star rating, you must meet certain thresholds in both categories. Here are some specific steps. The star rating is divided into two separate categories: Development and Scenery.


A - Island development
1, The Museum, Nook's Cranny, and Able Sisters are all worth 15 points each.
2, Each bridge and incline is worth 15 points each.
3, Furniture placed is graded on an 8×8-tile basis known as a block.
4, If there are fewer than 5 unique types of furniture placed: number of pieces of furniture × 1.
5, If there are 5 to 10 unique types of furniture placed: number of pieces of furniture × 0.5 + number of types of furniture × 0.5.
6, If there are greater than 10 unique types of furniture placed: number of pieces of furniture × 0.25 + number of types of furniture × 0.75.
7, If 6+ of the same item is in the block, all extra copies of any item lose 0.5 points each. If 11+ of the same item is in the block, extra copies of any item lose 0.75 points each.
8, Furniture type and bonuses: If the placed furniture is recommended for the outdoors: number of outdoor furniture × 0.5 additional points.
The placed furniture costs 2,000–20,000 bells: number of applicable furniture × 1.
9. The placed furniture costs over 20,000 bells: number of applicable furniture × 2.
10, Placed fences are worth 0.2 points each.
11, Removing weeds: When there are 100 weeds or fewer on a given island, a bonus of 30 development points is given to the island.
12, Past 100 weeds on a given island, a bonus of (1000 − weeds) / 30 is given to the island.
13, Inviting more villagers: There is a development bonus of 15 if there are nine villagers and a development bonus of 30 for 10 villagers.


B - Island scenery
1, Adding flowers and trees (including bamboo and coconut trees) around the island, up to a maximum of 190 points.
2, Trees are 1 point, and bushes are worth 0.5 points each. The combined sum of these two values ​​cannot exceed 190.
3, Flower Sprouts are 0.5 points each.
4, Flower Buds and Flower stems are 0.7 points each.
5, Adult flowers are 1 point each.
6, Furniture placed is graded on an 8×8-tile basis known as a block.
7, Each unique piece of furniture that is 3×1, 3×2, or 3×3 tile size is 1 point.
8, Furniture points are calculated using the number of furniture placed × 0.25 and if you have more than 10 unique types you get a bonus of the number of types × 0.75.


When your island is upgraded to 5-star Island Animal Crossing, you will get a DIY recipe for the Golden Watering Can. Unlike other tools, this is the only golden tool that can be obtained this way. Afterward, lilies of the valley will grow on the edge of the cliffs of your island. It can be replanted, but not propagated, and can only grow on 5-star Island ACNH-rated islands! More than enough island items for any island exploration, including Nook Miles Tickets, Animal Crossing Items, and cheap ACNH Bells. ACItems.com can meet your island exploration needs with up to 20% OFF. Keep exploring!