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K.K. Slider Song Collection - Animal Crossing: New Horizons Edition


KK Slider is an ACNH island singer you can invite. If you want to listen to music in the sunset, you need to invite KK Slider first and unlock all his songs.


K.K. Slider, Animal Crossing: New Horizons --
"I don't ask for much. A stool to sit on, a song to sing, and some folks gathered 'round to hear it."


K.K. Slider, Animal Crossing: New Horizons image


Animal Crossing KK Slider is a passionate singer. Animal Crossing Songs are what he sang. The species that the Nintendo designers gave him was a dog. Although K.K. Slider's breed has never been officially revealed, he appears to be a Labrador. He was all white except his eyes and eyebrows were black. Perhaps you didn't notice that he had almost all of his appearances unclothed. When playing, he would sit on a small bench and strum the guitar. Therefore, it is easy to ignore whether he is wearing clothes or not. As a professional singer, KK has a clear passion for performing for people. KK Slider's work ethic is fascinating, and once an Animal Crossing New Horizons fan made edible pie in KK's image. KK doesn't appear on your island all the time, you need to meet the island level requirements, and you will see him at a certain time.


How to unlock the Animal Crossing: New Horizons KK Slider concert? The following two conditions need to be met.
A: You can check the island level. Residential service tents must be upgraded to buildings, and players must reach the following milestones.
1, Paid off the initial debt with 5,000 Nook Miles.
2, Construct Nook's Cranny.
3, Build the first bridge in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
4, Build and place the furniture for the 3 arriving villagers.
5, Construct a campground.
After completing these tasks, return to the Resident Services Center, talk to Isabelle and select the "Let's talk island evals" dialogue option to view the current island rating.


B: The island is upgraded to 3 stars.
1, Have at least 7 Villagers living on the island.
2, Keep the island tidy by picking up discarded items and ensuring there are no weeds.
3, Make sure there are plenty of flowers planted.
4, Build big projects like bridges and inclines.
5, Place fences.
6, Decorate with big items.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons doesn't have a failed resolution. This means that you will eventually successfully unlock the KK Slider concert. The highest level of the island is 5 stars, and successfully unlocking KK Slider is just a memorable milestone for your island design. After unlocking the concert, he will come to perform every Saturday. The K.K. Slider will instead appear on Sunday if there is an event at the plaza on Saturday, and the show on Monday if two separate events are held over two weekends in a row, such as Bug Off and Fireworks. From 6 pm to 12 am, players can request a specific ACNH KK Slider Songs, which will unlock the track for free. It will then be able to listen to anything playing music. The famous ACNH 2.0 update adds 12 New KK Slider Songs. At the K.K. 2.0 performance, all villagers who participated in the performance brought out glow sticks and jam. The player can hold the glow stick during the performance, and if they do, other villagers will also hold the glow stick. At the end of the performance, everyone applauded K.K., and the villagers put away the light sticks and sat down.



ACNH 2.0 KK Slider Playlist

List of K.K. Slider Songs
Upbeat Songs Serious Songs Relaxed Songs Blue Songs Other Songs
Mountain Song Urban K.K. Aloha K.K. Two Days Ago K.K. Rally
Bubblegum K.K. Lucky K.K. Pondering Only Me K.K. Marathon
K.K. Calypso Surfin' K.K. Soulful K.K. K.K. Western Agent K.K.
K.K. Country K.K. Safari K.K. Jazz K.K. Lament K.K. Soul
K.K. Groove K.K. Shamisen K.K. Swing K.K. Chorale K.K. Song
K.K. Salsa K.K. Tango Mr. K.K. King K.K. The K. Funk
K.K. Samba Imperial K.K. K.K. Tronica K.K. Etude K.K. Blues
K.K. Ska Rockin' K.K. K.K. Fusion K.K. Sonata K.K. Maharajah
K.K. Dixie K.K. House K.K. Bossa K.K. Milonga K.K. Folk
K.K. Disco K.K. Hollywood K.K. Bolero K.K. Ballad K.K. Technopop
Café K.K. K.K. Flamenco K.K. Aria K.K. Lullaby K.K. D & B
K.K. Parade K.K. Metal K.K. Love Song K.K. Waltz To the Edge
K.K. Rockabilly K.K. Rock K.K. Reggae K.K. Dirge K.K. Gumbo
K.K. March K.K. Rome I Love You Comrade K.K. Minimal Song
K.K. Mambo K.K. Steppe K.K. Faire Steep Hill K.K. Étude
Señor K.K. K.K. Casbah Marine Song 2001 Stale Cupcakes  
Neapolitan DJ K.K. Wandering K.K. Condor  
Spring Blossoms Go K.K. Rider! My Place    
K.K. Ragtime   Forest Life    


On New Horizons Island, romance is everywhere, and KK Slider Secret Songs are one of those expressions. On weekends, you can invite your friends to the island to listen to music. According to the KK List of Songs, you can find the Best KK Slider Songs. New Horizons games As of now, most players' island designs have matured. During the final project phase, you can purchase rare and valuable Animal Crossing Items from ACItems.com to decorate your home or island and make your island even better.