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All 2.0 Rugs ×59

All 2.0 Rugs ×59

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This 2.0 Rugs includes 59 items!

Rugs are a type of decorative furniture introduced in Happy Home Designer. Whereas flooring decorates the entire floor of a room, rugs cover only a smaller portion of ground and sit above flooring. Other types of furniture may be placed on top of rugs, but rugs cannot overlap one another. Several rugs featured in the games were previously a permanent part of the design used for certain flooring.


In New Horizons, most rugs can only be obtained by buying them from Saharah, although some are available via DIY or the Nook Stop. When Saharah visits the island, she will sell a small, medium, and large rug for 1,000, 1,500, and 2,000 Bells respectively.


This is a list of  Rugs from Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Duplicate goods names with different colors will be omitted.
Red watermelon rug
Yellow watermelon rug
Cookie rug
Red exquisite rug
Green exquisite rug
Yellow star rug
Record rug
Green bamboo mat
Yellow bamboo mat
Skull rug
Acorn rug
Cherry-blossom rug
Bone entrance mat
Tree-stump rug
White exercise mat
Blue exercise mat
Green exercise mat
Red exercise mat
Maple-leaf rug
Blue Hawaii quilt rug
Green Hawaiian quilt rug
Pink Hawaii quilt rug
Yellow Hawaii quilt rug
Imperial rug
Light bamboo bath mat
Dark bamboo bath mat
Starry-skies rug
Stage rug
Coconut mat
Simple entrance mat
Gray floor tiles
Light stones rug
Light square tile
Red brick rug
Frozen floor tiles
Dark square tile
Natural-wood square tile
Dark stones rug
White square tile
Gray brick rug
Light-wood flooring sheet
Light-wood flooring tile
Glowing-moss rug
Round glowing-moss rug
Round vine rug
Elegant brown rug
White-wood flooring tile
Dark-wood flooring tile
Natural-wood flooring tile
White-wood flooring sheet
Dark-wood flooring sheet
Natural-wood flooring sheet
Elegant beige rug
Elegant blue rug
Elegant black rug
Brown cow-print rug
Light-brown cow-print rug
Large Paradise Planning rug
Small Paradise Planning mat

$ 17.86 $ 19.84


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