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All 2.0 DIY (include cooking DIY) ×281

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All 2.0 DIY (include cooking DIY) ×281

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This 2.0 DIY Recipe (cooking DIY Recipe included) includes 281 items!
DIY recipes allow the player to craft certain items through the DIY mechanic. Once a player acquires and learns a recipe, they are able to bring the specified materials to a DIY workbench to create the item. Cooking recipes are also available since 2.0 Free Update. As the player progresses through the game, they will encounter more methods of obtaining recipes.


This is a list of  2.0 DIY Recipe(cooking DIY included)  from Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Duplicate goods names with different colors will be omitted.

Savory Bread
Organic Bread
Snack Bread
Squid-Ink Spaghetti
Spaghetti Marinara
Spaghetti Napolitan
Olive-Flounder MeunièRe
Carrot Potage
Potato Potage
Bread Gratin
Orange Pie
Peach Pie
Pear Pie
Cherry Pie
Gnocchi Di Zucca
Gnocchi Di Patate
Gnocchi Di Carote
Pumpkin Soup
Minestrone Soup
Bamboo-Shoot Soup
Apple Pie
Seaweed Soup
Carrot Cake
Apple Tart
Veggie Quiche
Orange Tart
Mixed-Fruits Tart
Peach Tart
Cherry Tart
Pear Tart
Mixed-Fruits Pie
Mixed-Fruits Sandwich
Coconut Pudding
Pear Jelly
Cherry Jelly
Peach Jelly
Mushroom Crepe
Seafood Salad
Fruit Salad
Orange Jelly
Salade De Carottes RâPéEs
Turnip Salad
Apple Jelly
Mushroom Salad
Veggie Crepe
Veggie Sandwich
Mixed-Fruits Crepe
Salmon Sandwich
Sugar Crepe
Orange Pound Cake
Pound Cake
Pumpkin Pound Cake
Tomato Juice
Kabu Ankake
Carrot Juice
Coconut Milk
Frosted Pretzels
Salad-Stuffed Tomato
Coconut Cookies
Veggie Cookies
Cherry Smoothie
Thumbprint Jam Cookies
Frosted Cookies
Pear Smoothie
Peach Smoothie
Apple Smoothie
Orange Smoothie
Brown-Sugar Pound Cake
Sea-Bass Pie
Mushroom Potage
French Fries
Plain Scones
Veggie Cupcakes
Tomato Bagel Sandwich
Brown-Sugar Cupcakes
Carrot Scones
Pumpkin Cupcakes
Fruit Scones
Fruit Cupcakes
Pumpkin Scones
Plain Cupcakes
Salmon Bagel Sandwich
Squid-Ink Curry
Pumpkin Curry
Carrot-Tops Curry
Mixed-Fruits Bagel Sandwich
Tomato Curry
Pumpkin Bagel Sandwich
Carrot Bagel Sandwich
Potato Curry
Mushroom Curry
Coconut Pancakes
Potato Galette
Fruit-Topped Pancakes
Pesce All'Acqua Pazza
Karei No Nitsuke
Aji Fry
SautéEd Olive Flounder
Grilled Sea Bass With Herbs
Carpaccio Di Salmone
Carpaccio Di Marlin Blu
Barred-Knifejaw Carpaccio
Orange Marmalade
Peach Jam
Pear Jam
Carpaccio Di Capesante
Cherry Jam
Pickled Veggies
Tomato Puree
Apple Jam
Coconut Oil
Anchoas Al Ajillo
Tomates Al Ajillo
ChampiñOnes Al Ajillo
Sardines In Oil
Pull-Apart Bread
Seafood Ajillo
Jarred Mushrooms
Jarred Bamboo Shoots
Baked Potatoes
Pizza Margherita
Spooky Cookies
Roost Sablé Cookie
Seafood Pizza
Fruit Pizza
Mushroom Pizza
Cake Salé
Clam Chowder
Pumpkin Pie
Frozen Mini Snowperson
Stacked Bottle Crates
Shell Music Box
Wooden Box
Project Table
Box-Shaped Seat
Plate Armor
Partition Wall
Imperial Pot
Carp On A Cutting Board
Wooden Field Sign
Stacked Shopping Baskets
Festival-Lantern Set
Stonework Kitchen
Gear Tower
Gear Apparatus
Forbidden Altar
Medium Wooden Partition
Small Wooden Partition
Skateboard Wall Rack
Tension-Pole Rack
Stacked Fish Containers
Veggie Basket
Ruined Decorated Pillar
Pile Of Cash
Pile Of Cardboard Boxes
Open Wooden Shelves
Tall Concrete Island Counter
Tall Brick Island Counter
Low Concrete Island Counter
Low Brick Island Counter
Tall Wooden Island Counter
Ruined Arch
Vine Hanging Chair
Stacked Senmaizuke Barrels
Senmaizuke Barrel
Giant Vine
Vine Bench
Vine Lamp
Vine Garland
Glowing-Moss Stool
Glowing-Moss Balloon
Glowing-Moss Boulder
Hanging Glowing Moss
Glowing-Moss Pond
Glowing-Moss Statue
Glowing-Moss-Jar Shelves
Glow-In-The-Dark Stickers
Suspicious Cauldron
Low Simple Island Counter
Tall Simple Island Counter
Low Wooden Island Counter
Tall Steel Island Counter
Low Steel Island Counter
Tall Golden Island Counter
Tall Marble Island Counter
Low Golden Island Counter
Low Marble Island Counter
Golden Plate Armor
Golden Piggy Bank
Gold-Nugget Mining Car
Golden Vase
Golden Altar
Golden Bathtub
Golden Meter And Pipes
Golden Gear Apparatus
Golden Gear Tower
Golden Dharma
Golden Garden Bunny
Mini Golden Dharma
Golden Urn
Golden Wristwatch
Golden Decorative Plate
Golden Samurai Suit
Decayed Tree
Ornament Table Lamp
Wooden Music Box
Ornament Garland
Giant Ornament
Brick Pillar
Marble Pillar
Simple Pillar
Steel Pillar
Golden Pillar
Wooden Pillar
Concrete Pillar
Glowing-Moss Jar
Donation Box
Ornament Tree
Wooden Storage Shed
Ruined Seat
Ruined Broken Pillar
Glowing-Moss Forest Wall
Glowing-Moss Ruins Wall
Rope-Net Wall
Glowing-Moss Cave Wall
Glowing-Moss Flooring
Rope-Net Flooring
Yellow Star Rug
Green Bamboo Mat
Yellow Bamboo Mat
Acorn Rug
Cherry-Blossom Rug
Tree-Stump Rug
Maple-Leaf Rug
Light Bamboo Bath Mat
Dark Bamboo Bath Mat
Starry-Skies Rug
Frozen Floor Tiles
Glowing-Moss Rug
Round Glowing-Moss Rug
Round Vine Rug
Glowing-Moss Wreath
Vine Ladder Set-Up Kit
Wooden Ladder Set-Up Kit
Iron Ladder Set-Up Kit
Whole-Wheat Flour
Brown Sugar
Golden Ladder Set-Up Kit
Nice Branch
Log Fence
Block Fence
Large Lattice Fence
Log-Wall Fence
Green Bamboo Fence
Frozen Fence
Bamboo-Slats Fence
Corrugated Iron Fence
Park Fence
Woven-Vine Pochette
Glowing-Moss Pointed Cap
Glowing-Moss Headband
Woven-Vines Hat
Vine Crown
Ornament Crown
Glowing-Moss Hood
Full-Body Glowing-Moss Suit
Glowing-Moss Dress
Vine Outfit

$ 44.97 $ 56.21


  • Cinnamoroll Items ×14
    Cinnamoroll Items ×14
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  • Craft Materials (300 per kind)
    Craft Materials (300 per kind)
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    $ 8.11
  • All Fragments (100 per kind)
    All Fragments (100 per kind)
    $ 9.01
    $ 10.01
  • Shino
    $ 5.29
    $ 5.88
  • All 2.0 Farming Plants ×15
    All 2.0 Farming Plants ×15
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    $ 3.01
  • 24M Bells & 400 NMT
    24M Bells & 400 NMT
    $ 1.81
    $ 2.01
  • All Genuine Art ×43
    All Genuine Art ×43
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    $ 3.78
  • My Melody Items ×13
    My Melody Items ×13
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  • Recipes: Ironwood ×10
    Recipes: Ironwood ×10
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  • Golden Tools Set
    Golden Tools Set
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