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​Why didn't I earn Animal Crossing Bells through Turnip Trading?


In the new vision, although players can live a casual life, catching, fishing, making tools and so on. are envied by real people. But the same as real life is that if you want to live a modern life on a desert island, you must make money to buy houses, furniture, etc. The main currency in Animal Crossing is Animal Crossing Bells, which also requires players to pay physical and mental labor in exchange for it.

In Animal Crossing, in addition to selling simple items such as fish, insects and wood, players can also earn more ACNH Bells by planting turnips. So how does it work?

Turnips are different from other items in that their prices fluctuate. You can make money by trading turnips, or you may lose money by trading turnips. It is just as unstable as people's stocks, and the shelf life of turnips is limited. If it is not sold after a week, it will rot.

How to sell turnips?

In Animal Crossing, every Sunday from 4 am to 12 pm, Daisy Mae wearing a turnip will appear on the island to wander around, selling turnips for 90 to 110 bells, and players can buy turnips as low as possible. After Daisy Mae left, we could go to Timmy and Tommy every day to find out the price of turnips.

Turnip prices will change twice every morning and after 12 o'clock. Unlike Daisy Mae's price, Timmy and Tommy can buy turnips for 15 bells or 650 bells. In any case, players try not to sell turnips below the purchase price.

If the player is afraid of missing the highest price of the week, you can use the turnip calculator introduced on the Internet. ACItems also introduced the Turnip calculator is still a good assistant for earning Animal Crossing Bells before. Interested friends can find out again. In short, Turnip is an opportunity to widen the gap between the rich and the poor between you and other players. You must grasp it.