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​Who will replace Tom Nook as the next Animal Crossing NPC?


Tom Nook is one of the most iconic Animal Crossing characters, appearing in almost every game as a salesman and landlord in some form. If the next Animal Crossing game is to try to change the status quo, who will replace Tom Nook as the next animal crossing protagonist?

From the first Animal Crossing game to 2020's Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Tom Nook has been the first character to introduce players to his new home in town. When they started upgrading their houses, he provided them with mortgages and subsequent loans. Players had to work hard to earn Animal Crossing Bells to repay the mortgage, and Tom Nook became a notorious capitalist.

Tom Nook handed over the ownership of the store to Timmy and Tommy and became a real estate agent. New Horizon NS continues to move in this direction, leaving the store owner to Nooklings, and letting Tom Nook take care of residents' services. However, he is also the founder of Nook Inc., which means that his position in the game is more important than the previous version.

Isabelle in Animal Crossing should replace Tom Nook

With the most successful game in the series, New Horizons, removing Tom Nook from the role of the shopkeeper, Animal Crossing has proven that it can be successful even if it breaks away from the standard elements of past entries. Animal Crossing is not afraid to try new ideas. Replacing Tom Nook will be a simple change, but it may have a significant impact.

It may significantly change the dynamics of players and NPCs, which plays a greater role in the gameplay of Animal Crossing than most series. Isabelle can even become the new main force in the town, introducing players to new locations with familiar faces, which is still refreshing. Do you expect such a change?

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