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​Where can I catch fish in Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Fish is one of the most important creatures in Animal Crossing. Fishing is a way for players to relax, and it is also an important way for players to earn Animal Crossing Bells. There are so many types of fish, and there are different fishes in different seasons. How to find them accurately?

The island is surrounded by oceans and rivers, and it usually appears in oceans, rivers, and inland ponds. But you can also find fish on cliffs in any higher water.

Rare spawning fish-Mahi-Mahi or Giant Trevally

Mackerel and giant sturgeon are two elusive small animals and two of the rarest fish in the game, so they are of relatively high value, and there is a chance to catch them when they go to the pier. They will stay on your island until October. So you may want to make the most of this time.

When you know where to find fish, it rains to attract fish. What is indispensable is to make bait. Making bait is also very simple. First, dig Manilla Clams on the beach and use the tool table to make bait. Spread the bait in the area where the fish may appear and wait for the fish to arrive.

Different types of fish will appear in different seasons. Players need to pay attention to the updated changes when collecting. Many players will choose to fish to earn more ACNH Bells, and the price of rare fish will be particularly high. If you catch a rare fish and don't want to sell it, keep it. ACItems will provide you with sufficient Animal Crossing Bells for sale, which meets the wishes of many people.