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What if I missed the Animal Crossing Villager's birthday in New Horizons?


There are hundreds of animal crossing villagers in the Animal Crossing series. Each animal crossing villager is special, and each villager has a birthday. In New Horizons, villagers will invite players to celebrate with them when they celebrate their birthdays.

The birthday party of animal crossing villagers is celebrated by holding a party at home, and players can choose to give gifts. The player can also send a letter mentioning the villager's birthday and attach a gift, and the villager will respond by thanking the player for remembering their birthday. But how would they react if you missed the birthday of the villagers?

Timmy and Tommy will give New Horizons players a birthday. Whenever that day comes, if all their friendships are equal, then they will wait outside the player's home to participate in a surprise party. Players can collect fragments from birthday furniture sets.

Forget the birthdays of villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Maybe many players will ignore this, because we don't stay in the game every day, even if we miss a certain villager's birthday, it is very normal. Nintendo also seems to understand, so although the game encourages celebrating with the villagers, it is not strictly required to do so.

Players do not do anything for the villagers' birthdays without any consequences, and players will not be criticized for not attending birthday parties or giving gifts to villagers in other ways. Ignoring the birthdays of the villagers will not cause them to move out faster.

To its credit, New Horizons is indeed a completely relaxing game. Are there any villagers you like very much that you haven't invited yet? Hurry up and leave room to pick Animal Crossing Villagers from