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​What are the Expensive Fish in Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Although Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a casual health game, it is not exactly. You can fish and grow flowers on the island, but you will also have pursuits. If you want to build beautiful houses and beautiful gardens, you will hope that the island will become more and more prosperous. Then the realization of these is inseparable from trading, so we must learn to earn Animal Crossing Bells, which is to get more money.

Trading to make money is an important part of the game mission, because the progress of the game's main line is inseparable from ACNH Bells. Players can use Bells to buy Animal Crossing items at Nook's Cranny or Able Sisters, repay mortgages, and build islands. Almost every step is inseparable from Animal Crossing Bells. Therefore, the most important goal of daily tasks is to increase income.

Players can fish, catch insects, and pick up marine creatures on the island every day. In addition to giving away to the museum collection, you can also exchange Animal Crossing Bells with Tom Nook to maintain a stable income. There are many types of fish. After knowing the selling price of each type, you will find that fishing is very profitable.

Different fishes live in different environments. In ponds, rivers, oceans and other water bodies, you can see shadows of different sizes moving downstream from the surface of the water. Animal Crossing: There are 80 kinds of fish in New Horizons, they will appear in different seasons, and the prices of these fish living in different environments are also different. First introduce a few very profitable fish:

   Whale Shark-13,000 Bells

   Golden Trout-15,000 Bells

   StringFish-15,000 Bells

   Dorado-15,000 Bells

   Great White Shark-15,000 Bells

   Barreleye-15,000 Bells

   Coelacanth-15,000 Bells

ACItems provides Animal Crossing Items for sale, and you can also reasonably learn more about fish, bugs and sea creatures from it.

Fishing can be costless or costly. If you want to attract rare fish, you'd better spend Animal Crossing Bells to buy bait, choose a suitable location to sprinkle in the water, and wait for the fish to appear. This kind of investment is very small, but it can get you a very big Profit. Of course, this requires your high fishing skills.