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​Things not recommended for new players in Animal Crossing


ACItems lists some things that new players are not recommended to do based on the player's experience. Because new players do these things without knowing the consequences of the game, we write down the reasons. If the players know the consequences, they still have something to do and respect everyone's choices.

1. Get rid of Animal Crossing Villagers

The maximum number of Animal Crossing villagers is 10, and there is at least half a month away from the upper limit. Keeping animals that you don't like will not affect the new Animal Crossing villagers to move in. Even if you don't rush, some Animal Crossing Villagers will move away, some can be kept, and some can't be kept.

Little animals will give you DIY Recipes, furniture, clothing, etc. When there are not many animals, the more animals the better. The number of residents affects the island's score, and the last mission of the "mainline" requires three stars on the island, KK can go to the island, and then can unlock the island transformation.

2. Change the host time

Changing the time may cause weeds to grow on the island, Animal Crossing villagers may move, and you may lose the opportunity to persuade your favorite animals to stay.

It is not necessary to change the host time, and it may make you lose the stage full of expectations. Changing the host time will cause the island's time to be disordered. You may miss the festival activities on the island and not be able to experience the full content of ACNH.

If you must change the time, please do not connect with others, or at least inform in advance. Maybe your friend is carrying a backpack of carrots to go to your island to check the price. Time travel will cause the carrots to wither.

3. Buy Bells or Items with money

Many items can be obtained from friends. Nook Miles Tickets, tools, and iron ore are not scarce resources. Players without friends can take the initiative to add others as friends from some social platforms. If you are in a hurry to repay your mortgage, you can choose a reliable platform such as ACItems to buy the right amount of Animal Crossing Bells, don't rely too much on us.

4. Crack host pirated games

Supporting genuine products is not only a moral issue but also for the rights and interests of players. Cracking the host network is risky. Animal Crossing can have fun on a stand-alone computer, but it is even more fun to be online. Regardless of the game, most people are more reluctant to crack the version. This will make all players lose a fair chance, and the developer will also have a certain loss. We should respect developers and support genuine products.

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