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​The most inspirational twins in Animal Crossing-Timmy and Tommy


In the very healing game Animal Crossing, there are two cute civet twins: Timmy and Tommy. They have been Tom Nook's assistants since the beginning of the game. They learned how to do business from Tom Nook. After the uninhabited island relocation plan started, the two can also operate the Nook store independently, satisfying the shopping experience of players visiting the store every day.

Tom Nook said that although Timmy and Tommy are twins, they can be distinguished from the mole on their hands. For the player, the two cannot be distinguished from the appearance, only that Timmy is the older brother and Tommy is the younger brother. When speaking, the second person will repeat the end of another person's words, and when they walk into the Nook Cranny, the person close to the player will greet the player.

Their sales method is the same as Tom Nook, they will follow the customers behind as if they are afraid that you will steal things. When you are interested in a product, they will introduce it to you very enthusiastically, and finally, whether you buy it or not, they will treat it equally and enthusiastically.

What Switch version players want to complain about is that they can shop and sell things 24 hours a day when they move to a tent. Why are there restrictions on business hours after opening a store? I have to hope that future updates can unlock and upgrade the store so that the size and content of the store will be richer.

Although all stores have expanded in scale, they are all ACNH Bells contributed by players'shopping, Timmy and Tommy can make the scale larger than Tom Nook after independently operating the store. Looking back at the Switch version of the twins now, in addition to the uninhabited island plan that was used as a counter to accept players at the beginning, now this small store that is only upgraded to the second level is really amazing.