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Swim in Animal Crossing New Horizons - get a swimsuit and dive guide - ACItems


To swim or dive in New Horizons, you need to purchase swimsuits in advance. Then you can swim successfully with the Switch button.


Swimming pictures in Animal Crossing New Horizons

New Horizons swimming includes regular swimming and diving. Animal Crossing New Horizons launched in March 2020, but swimming wasn't added to the game at first. Swimming was added in the July 2020 1.3.0 Free Summer Update. Wetsuit gear is like clothing, but players don't need to take off the base gear to put it on. Choose ACNH buying bells to buy more styles of clothing. Putting on a swimsuit does not mean that you need to take off the original clothing. The swimsuit is just a visual cover for ordinary clothing, not a real replacement. When players are wearing wetsuits, they can no longer use the Able Sisters locker room. If you are a novice, you may be wondering can you buy bells in animal crossing? The answer is yes. ACNH Bells acquired through purchase are also valid. To be able to swim, the player needs to obtain a wetsuit. Wetsuits are generally obtained by consuming Animal Crossing bells. After all, ACNH bells are the largest currency in circulation on New Horizons Island. Once the player is in the wetsuit, they can press "A" to enter the sea. The New Horizons island is surrounded by the sea, and there is an island map in the lower right corner of the Switch. This means that players can start swimming from many places on the island.



Pascal is a red sea otter, with a yellow muzzle, a brown nose, and whiskers, as well as wide black eyes. He wears a beige sailor's watch cap, and dungaree overalls, and has a scallop-shaped pendant hanging around his neck. In animal After crossing new horizons buy bells, you can also buy shell necklaces of the same style as Pascal or other Animal Crossing Items at the island shop. As the most important currency in New Horizons, bells animal crossing can buy most of the AC items on the island store. He appears in the player's town once a day from 6 AM to 12 AM and is easily noticed by the villagers. He will also be very happy if you use Acbells to buy gifts for him. He is extremely wise and thoughtful, Most of his philosophy is marine themed. If you go swimming or diving a lot, it is a no-brainer to meet him.



Where to buy a wetsuit in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Dresses purchased from the ABLE Sister store cannot swim in the sea. Before you can swim in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you need to purchase an official wetsuit. How to buy bells in Animal Crossing is an important consideration before buying a swimsuit. The professional website ACItems offers bells for sale at Animal Crossing. You choose Animal Crossing buy bells is the most convenient way. Through labor, you also have a chance to get free bells animal crossing. The wetsuit of New Horizons is different from other clothing. The selection of wetsuit clothing styles is smaller and the styles are limited. In New Horizons, there are three ways to buy wetsuits.


Wet Suits in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Item Image Buy price Sell price Available from Style Label theme(s)
Horizontal-Striped Wet Suit 3,000 Bells 750 Bells Nook's Cranny Active Outdoorsy / Sporty / Vacation
Leaf-Print Wet Suit 3,000 Bells 750 Bells Nook Shopping Active/Gorgeous Outdoorsy / Sporty / Vacation
Nook Inc. Wet Suit 800 Nook Miles 4,000 Bells Nook Miles Redemption Active/Simple Outdoorsy / Sporty / Vacation / Work


Way 1: Buy the Horizontal-Striped Wet Suit from Nook's Cranny on the shelf for 3,000 ACNH Bells. Also 3,000 Animal Crossing Bells at Nook Shopping for a Leaf-Print Wet Suit. The Horizontal-Striped Wet Suit is available in four colors: black, red, yellow, and blue, and it rotates every day. Leaf-Print Wet Suit. It has four colors yellow, green, blue, and purple, which rotate every day. It is different from Nook Inc. Wet Suit and Nook Inc. Wet Suit, it is more like a 2-piece suit and looks more stylish. If you choose these two ways, how to get bells fast ACNH is your important consideration.
Way 2: Nook Miles can be exchanged for Nook Inc. Wet Suit at Nook Stop at the Resident Service Center. It has only one color. The color is splicing of green and black. Its most striking feature is the logo with a leaf on its chest, just like the national flag of the Resident Services Center.
Last way: Buy the Wet Suit 16-Piece Set from ACitems.com. In addition to all styles of swimsuits, Wet Suit also includes swimming goggles, swimming caps, and more. Once you've put on your swimsuit of choice, you're ready to go for a swim!



How to swim in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Swimming is different from diving. Players cannot swim in ponds, rivers, or waterfall ponds. No matter where you enter the ocean from where on the island, you need to put on a wetsuit first. Changing a wetsuit from regular clothing is easy. Just press X to open the backpack, select the purchased wetsuit, click on the wetsuit and select "Wear" according to the prompt to complete the steps of wearing the wetsuit. After changing into a swimsuit, head to the beach and gradually swim to the deep sea. If you want to swim, the analog joystick on the left side of the Switch can decide the direction you want to move in and then press A to move forward. Repeatedly tapping A can also speed up swimming. For swimming, having a well-fitting and stylish swimsuit is a must. Buying bells animal crossing is the safest way to change your swimsuit.



How to dive into Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Diving is different from swimming. Diving is limited to the ocean. Diving can catch deep sea creatures. When you decide to dive, pressing and holding "Y" will allow you to go deeper and also allow you to disappear under the waves for a while. When you're swimming, you'll see small bubbles pop up in places in the sea, like there's something in the water. You might even find a sea creature or two if you head near the bubble and hold 'Y' to dive. Dive underwater and the player can move around for 8 to 10 seconds. Some marine creatures can also be obtained by buying bells animal crossing, but the prices are generally not high.



No matter which way the swimsuit is obtained, the deep-sea creatures captured by diving can also be exchanged for ACNH Bells at Nook's Cranny. In addition to the deep-sea creatures, the duplicate swimsuits obtained by players can also be sold, but the prices are generally not high. While exploring the island, don't forget to buy bells to get the ACNH Items you want. Go to the professional island store ACNH buy bells to get more island items than usual. If you have questions about how to get more bells in animal crossing, I recommend you to buy bells ACNH directly from ACItems.com. This way will save you time and get island items in the shortest time possible.