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​Introduction to Animal Crossing Time Traveling


Animal Crossing New Horizons is a slow-paced leisure life, and the time to do tasks every day is also limited. Many tasks such as building houses, repairing bridges, and inviting small animals can only be completed one task a day, and they have to wait until the second. Genius can see the results, which completely limits the speed of island construction.

Now, you can speed up the completion of missions through time travel. You don't have to wait eight days to gather the small animals to enter the island, and you don't have to wait for a long time due to resource constraints on the island, which is very friendly for impatient players.

Many resources, although you can use Nook Miles Tickets to go to the uninhabited island to obtain, a ticket can only go to a random island, and the resources may be duplicated. It will be very relaxing if you can collect all the resources on the island.

Time travel not only saves you from wasting time but also allows you to travel through the past. If you are very sorry for some limited-time activities, then you can go back to the day when the event occurred and start again. Isn't it a pleasant surprise?

It is worth noting that to prevent time confusion, ACItems does not recommend that players rely on time travel. You can try to find inspiration and materials at, and decorate the island carefully. We will always be with you.