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​How to operate the Observatory in Animal Crossing New Horizons


Players can use the observatory to customize the constellations above the island, which will also be seen when friends visit. In the past year, many players must have won the observatory. The observatory is also a constellation feature and needs to be redefined before being added.

During the meteor shower, Celeste wandered around the town to provide players with DIY recipes on the Zodiac Themed. If she moved into the observatory full-time again, it would mean that either Celeste would not be able to roam freely on the island, or the observatory would need to be closed on the night of a meteor shower. What I see now is that Celeste has found a new job in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Celeste's brother Blathers can also help manage the observatory. Can he set up a resident service office for the observatory because he already lives in a museum? In this way, the observatory is likely to be located on the third floor of the museum again. The Brewster's Roost cafe can also be placed on that floor to help fill the entire building.

According to Nintendo many times, New Horizons is still under development, and the Animal Crossing series may undergo island expansion. If so, the observatory may also have its building on the New Horizons, just like Nook Shopping has set up a serviced office.

New Horizons usually allows players to freely choose the location of the observatory, which will add extra freedom to Animal Crossing: New Horizons and also encourage players to collect more Space Themed DIY recipes for the Add decorations to the area.

If the observatory is really like the above, then players who love astronomy will definitely agree. At the same time, ACItems will also equip Animal Crossing: New Horizons players with Space Themed Animal Crossing Items. Many players like to get them from Nook Shopping, but you must remember to accumulate ACNH Bells, which is essential to decorate the island.