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How to Grow a Money Tree - ACNH Bells - Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch)


The Money Tree is a tree that bears ACNH bells. From planting to harvest, the Money Tree will only be produced once.


In Animal Crossing New Horizons, trees are the foundational addition to the Animal Crossing New Horizons island landscape. Unlike real life, Money Tree can produce Animal Crossing Bells. Bells are the currency of island activity. With AC Bells you can upgrade your house building, pay off your Nook mortgage, meet Brewster, build a Museum, invite more island villagers, and more. If you want to buy ACNH Bells, this process will save you time and effort more than tedious island missions. And buying ACNH Items can design island layouts more quickly. All the live trees on the player's island have left and the color of the leaves changes with the seasons, which is very interesting. The combination of trees and flowers will also give you a different landscape of the island. Trees are divided into fruit trees and non-fruit trees. Fruit trees bear fruit and there are 5 main species: apples, cherries, peaches, pears, and oranges. Non-fruit trees do not bear fruit and cannot be propagated by planting. However, players can purchase hardwood saplings. On islands, shaking any non-fruit tree may drop 100 bell coins, a wasp nest with wasps (5 per day), or a piece of furniture (2 per day).


ACNH tools image

ACNH Items contain the tools needed for a complete island activity. Every basic tool in New Horizons has a lifespan. When the tool life is over, the tool will disappear. You need to go to the DIY workbench again to craft or buy Animal Crossing Items. Among the things you'll need to grow a Money Tree:
10,000 Bells in your inventory. (or any amount between 100 and 10,000 Bells)
A shovel.
A good eye.


Money Tree is an old trick. As a New Horizons fan, you should know this skill. After planting, the tree will grow within 3 days. Stamina is gained by eating fruit from fruit trees. After eating a fruit, the player can replenish his stamina and continue to knock rocks or plant flowers. When you use Nook Miles Tickets to participate in the Mystery Tour, you need to bring items from other islands back to your island, so you desperately need fruit to replenish your stamina. Nook Stop supports the exchange of Nook Miles for Nook Miles tickets. Please note the distinction, Nook Miles is different from Nook Miles Tickets. You can buy Nook Miles Tickets, but you can't buy Nook Miles directly. The Money Tree is like a fruit tree, which can produce 3 bags of bells. Unlike other fruit trees on the island, Money Tree can only bear fruit once, while other fruit trees can be harvested multiple times.


How to Find and Plant a Money Tree - Animal Crossing

Money Tree - Animal Crossing image
1. Find this glowing gold dot on your island. No need to rush, this highlight is there all day.
2. Dig the bright spots and bury a certain number of bells.
3. Wait a few days for the tree to bear fruit.
4. Shake the Money Tree to take your bells.


How to Find the Glowing Spot of Buried Money Tree in ACNH Island?
The position of the light-emitting point is not fixed. As you wander around the island, the player's island will have a bright spot every day.


Are Money Tree trees transplantable?
If your cash cow is in a bad spot, using a shovel can replant it. This process does not affect the number of bells you get from the tree.


What is the best amount of bells to bury?
- If the player plants 100-1000 bells, they will always get a tree with 3x 1000 bells.
- If the player plants 2,000-9,000 bells, there is a 70% chance of 3x 1000 bells and a 30% chance of 3x the amount buried.
- If the player buries 10,000-99,000 bells, there is a 70% chance of 3x 10,000 bells and a 30% chance of 3x the amount buried.
The player should always plant 10,000 bells, for not only a better profit but a more guaranteed one.