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​How to get other types of fruit trees in Animal Crossing?


As we all know, fruit trees are an important part of Animal Crossing. When we selected the New Horizons Island Map, the fruit trees were also randomly determined, and players could not choose to plant fruit trees. In fact, there are many different types of fruit trees in New Horizons, so what if you want to plant other fruit trees?

In New Horizons, the fruits include apples, oranges, cherries, peaches and pears, in addition to some non-local fruits. Fruit trees are very important in new horizons. Players can increase their strength by eating fruits. Fruits are also an important way for players to earn animal crossing bells. Generally speaking, non-local fruits are more expensive. So how to get other fruits?

If you want to diversify the fruit trees on your island, then you must learn these skills.

1. Each player's island is randomly generated, so you can try to exchange with other players to get different fruits.

2. Use Nook Miles Tickets to fly to the mysterious island, generally, there will be a good harvest. You may get local fruit trees, or you may get non-native plants. If it is a coconut tree decisively transplant it to your island to create a beach environment for your island.

3. This is also a common way: buy fruits directly at very cheap from ACItems or other reliable suppliers, and you can choose all fruits.

It is worth mentioning that the trees on the animal crossing island can be cut down or transplanted. If you want to plant other fruit trees, then prepare a small shovel, it is best to eat some fruits in advance to enhance your physical strength. Dig out common fruit trees with a shovel, and put your newly acquired fruit or fruit trees into the pit, and then you will see other fruit trees.

When planting new fruit trees, do not plant them blindly. Because fruit trees play an important role in island planning and beautification. So you can plan the planting location of fruit trees, or open up an area to design an orchard is also a good idea.

If you have other different ideas about the Animal Crossing island, be sure to communicate with your friends, maybe you will get inspiration to bring unique ideas to your island. When you need inspiration, you can also bookmark and browse our News section, and you will gain a lot.