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​How to create an island with autumn flavor?


The arrival of autumn brings unlimited design fun to ACNH players. Pumpkins, Spooky items, mushrooms and DIY recipes will be used in large quantities, and these autumn items will be decorated throughout the island.

From September to November is autumn. During this time, the natural environment of the island will undergo tremendous changes. Red and brown leaves, soft grass, bushes, popular Halloween and Turkish festivals are all The most representative event in autumn.

Pumpkins and mushrooms are the most representative items of autumn in New Horizons. Pumpkins can be harvested by planting. Mushrooms grow naturally. Pick mushrooms for DIY and item customization. These are the most suitable items for decoration in autumn and add autumn flavor.

The most anticipated event in autumn should be Halloween. Adding Halloween elements to the island is something players need to think about, such as making jack-o-lantern lighting, hollow vertical buildings for haunted houses or abandoned shelters, and building a fearsome ghost circus. Players will use as many ACNH Items as possible to create a special autumn island.

Are you looking forward to the next new horizons life? What autumn elements would you decorate for your island? If you haven't figured out how to do it yet, you might as well come to ACItems to find inspiration. We will provide you with all the Animal Crossing Items or themes that appear in the fall. You can choose what suits you to better decorate the island.