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​How to build a cafe in Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Since there has been news in September that Brewster will bring its cafe to ACNH, players have been looking forward to it, but as far as the current situation is concerned, there will be no signs that Brewster will be updated before ACNH has been updated. Will land on the island. Smart players have already begun to plan to build a cafe by themselves.

As a public place for leisure and entertainment, it is best to choose a cafe in a public area where everyone will come and go, such as near a museum or shop. In short, it is up to your personal preference. After determining the location, you can first arrange the surrounding environment, it is best to keep quiet while moving, with flowers and grass dotted. After the general environment was determined, the interior of the cafe was built.

Determine the location of the space and start adding furniture and tools. All tables and chairs can be realized by DIY. Try to accumulate as many Animal Crossing Bells as possible to buy from Nook Shopping. Players can also use Nook Miles Tickets to fly if they lack certain items. Touch ACNH Items such as the uninhabited island or friend's island. In short, you will not be unable to build a complete cafe due to a shortage of items.

Nook Shopping provides a variety of home styles. You can choose your favorite style to decorate the cafe. If you lack materials, you might as well look for inspiration from ACItems. ACItems provides hundreds of Animal Crossing Theme Packs for players to enjoy or purchase. Many players' designs The decoration is inspired by ACItems.

It will be open when all the decorations are over. Coffee, tea and pastries must be arranged. You must fill up the counter space, prepare pastries and light foods of different flavors, and the cafe must be distinctive. Invite friends to visit your cafe on the island, hope it will become a meeting place for Animal Crossing.