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​Catch Animal Crossing Sea Creatures Guide


In Animal Crossing, many plants and animals are seasonal, which means you can only see them at certain times of the year. With the advent of July, new sea creatures have gradually appeared. For players who like to capture sea creatures, this is a new beginning.

How to catch sea creatures?

Many novice players are proficient in fishing skills, but they don't know how to catch other creatures in the ocean. Many rare creatures in the ocean can be exchanged for very high Bells. As long as you go into the sea to catch sea creatures, you will add a considerable income to the island.

Players need to use 3,000 bells to buy wet suits including diving goggles from the Nook store. You can buy Cheap Animal Crossing Bells from, which is very convenient. When you enter the sea, observe the bubbles that appear on the surface of the sea, and then sink to catch sea creatures after chasing the bubbles.

Some sea creatures swim very fast. If you are surprised, it is difficult to catch them. You can only get close to the bubble quietly, predict the location of sea creatures after it sinks, and then sink to catch it quickly. Generally speaking, there are relatively more Animal Crossing Bells in exchange for capturing difficult sea creatures. Many players earn a lot of ACNH Bells by virtue of their superb capture technology.

Sea creatures can not only exchange Bells but collect the Sea creatures needed for DIY recipes to make corresponding Animal Crossing Items. Catching sea creatures is an interesting thing, but at the same time, it is repeated. Players who have long lost their freshness will always choose to Buy Animal Crossing Items from ACItems. ACItems has served tens of thousands of users around the world and is trustworthy.