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Beginner Guide: Six things to note for beginners in ACNH


Animal Crossing is a life simulation game. In the game, players play a role called villager and live on an anthropomorphic island, where players can perform the same activities as in real life.

Even though this game has already started playing on the Nintendo Switch platform in March 2020, with the release of the last major free update at the beginning of this month, there are still many newbies joining. This article will explain in detail what players need to do when they get to the island on the first day.

1. About setting the game nickname and island name

In our real life, everyone's name and birthday are determined from the moment of birth and remain unchanged. The same is true in Animal Crossing. Once the nickname and island name in the game is confirmed, they cannot be modified unless you delete the file and start again. Therefore, we must be careful when choosing names and filling in birthdays.

2. Friends on the initial island

On our initial island, there will be two random villagers and three Tom Nookes. We can do some novice tasks according to the requirements of the Tom Nook. After the task is completed, the Tom Nook will hold a bonfire welcome party. After the party is over, players can return to their tent to sleep, so that the time will be synchronized with reality.

3. Building a museum

We can DIY a fishing rod and insect net by using branches and then go out to catch 5 kinds of animals crossing villagers. And then find the NPC Tom Nook and donate it to the museum through him, triggering the museum curator to enter the plot. Take the building out and cover it up, and there will be a museum the next day. Under normal circumstances, players cannot cross the river, but the museum allows you to get a pole to cross the river the next day.

4. About planting

When you give the Tom Nook species, he will give you five bags of seeds. Then we can make a watering can find a place to plant the seeds, and finally water them, and we can harvest them the next day!

5. DIY recipe

During the chat between the player and the various small animals on the islands, they will get some manuals. We have to open it in time and learn some recipes. If iron ore is found, I suggest players make a workbench. Because the Raccoon's tent does not rest on the first day, and the workbench is also free for us to use. But after then, this tent will have business hours, and it can't be manufactured at night, so build a workbench in advance and put it outside, so you don't need to look at the face of the Tom Nook in the future, haha!

6. Migration fee

In the game, we need to pay a migration fee of 5,000 Miles. Players can quickly accumulate Miles and earn Animal Crossing Bells through various methods such as pulling grass, fishing, picking up garbage, and selling items in the backpack. After reaching 5000 Miles, find the Tom Nook to pay him, and after the payment is cleared, we can take out a loan to buy a house!

The above six are the main things players need to do on the first day of landing on the island. After that, you can choose to wait quietly until the next day, or you can pull weeds when you are bored, collect resources, and do tasks to accumulate Nook Miles. These will be of great benefit to your future life on the island. Hope you have a good time!