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New Horizons is the latest version of Animal Crossing New Horizons. In the 5 versions of Animal Crossing, New Horizons has fixed error prompts, improved the user experience, and allowed players to smoothly complete the island design and planning in the game.


Main Series Release date
Animal Crossing First appeared in 2002
Animal Crossing: Wild World First appeared in 2005
City Folk First appeared in 2008
New Leaf First appeared in 2012
New Horizons First appeared in 2020


As of the New Horizons version, the Animal Crossing series has a total of 5 versions: Animal Crossing, Animal Crossing: Wild World, City Folk, New Leaf, and New Horizons.


Main Series - 1 Release date (complete) Developer Publisher Platforms Genre
Animal Crossing America: September 16th, 2002
Australia: October 17th, 2003
Europe: September 24th, 2004
Nintendo EAD Nintendo Nintendo GameCube Life Simulation

In Animal Crossing, the player takes on the role of a boy or girl who hops on a train and arrives in an unfamiliar town. The town is random, and players will then start their lives in this town. In the beginning, you only have clothes and a thousand bells on you. To make life easier, you need to complete tasks and get bell rewards. Town life includes but is not limited to picking fruit, planting trees, gardening, finding fossils, fishing, catching insects, doing things for villagers, decorating their homes, and performing other such tasks.




Main Series - 2 Release date (complete) Developer Publisher Platforms Genre
Animal Crossing: Wild World Japan: November 23rd, 2005
America: December 5th, 2005
Australia: December 8th, 2005
Europe: March 31st, 2006
South Korea: December 6th, 2007
Europe: November 20th, 2015
Japan: July 27th, 2016,
America: October 13th, 2016
Nintendo EAD Nintendo Nintendo DS
Wii U (Virtual Console)
Life simulation


Animal Crossing: Wild World begins with the player living in one of four houses in a manor. Players have nothing and work hard to decorate their rooms with furniture or other items to live in a bigger house. Players can collect fruits, fish, insects, paintings, fossils, furniture, and other items. You can also make neighbors and friends who can help you acquire more advanced furniture and clothing. There are more than 550 different pieces of furniture in the game, once you come across a piece of furniture you like, you can take it home and decorate it in your room.




Main Series - 3 Release date (complete) Developer Publisher Platforms Genre
Animal Crossing: City Folk America: November 16th, 2008
Canada: November 17th, 2008
Japan: November 20th, 2008
Australia: December 4th, 2008
Europe: December 5th, 2008
South Korea: January 28th, 2010
America: May 15th, 2011
Europe: May 20th, 2011
South Korea: August 28th, 2014
Nintendo EAD Nintendo Wii Life simulation


In Animal Crossing: City Folk, players live in a town of 6-10 animal villagers. They can travel between towns and cities by bus with Kapp'n, exploring locations and meeting more characters. When encountering villagers, they will greet each other and inform the player of their services. You can get rewards for participating, and the rewards are generally the bells of the game currency. The bell can help players unlock updated plots and pay off their initial home loan. In towns, citizens are paid in a currency called bells to buy tools, furniture, and certain services. As players earn more in the bell, they can develop further town development, unlock new buildings and gain more gameplay.




Main Series - 4 Release date (complete) Developer Publisher Platforms Genre
Animal Crossing: New Leaf Japan: November 8th, 2012
South Korea: February 7th, 2013
America: June 9th, 2013
Europe June: 14th, 2013
Australia: June 15th, 2013
America: August 26th, 2016
Japan: March 17th, 2016
Japan: November 23rd, 2016
Europe: November 25th, 2016
America: December 2nd, 2016
Nintendo EAD Nintendo Nintendo 3DS Life simulation


In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the player takes on the role of the mayor of a new town, whose job is to manage and develop the town. The town consists of 4-10 animal villagers (different from City Folk). Of all the animal villagers, Isabelle, your secretary, will help you a lot. As secretary, Isabelle has all the information about the town. Isabelle walks players through the basics of the game, introduces them to the town, and provides tips for some outdoor tasks, such as catching creatures or planting trees. Your ultimate mission is to make the town a more livable place. In the game, you pay with a currency called bells, which you use to buy tools, furniture, and certain services. The more income, the deeper the story can be unlocked.




Main Series - 5 Release date (complete) Developer Publisher Platforms Genre
Animal Crossing: New Horizons March 20, 2020 Nintendo EAD Nintendo Nintendo Switch Life simulation


In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the player is tasked with developing and designing an isolated island. Initially, ACNH Island was almost empty, occupied by only a few tents. Players complete quests, collect quest rewards (quest rewards may be ACNH Items, Animal Crossing Bells, DIY recipes, or Nook Miles), and eventually develop the island into a thriving villager town, and utilize the crafting item system to implement various tools and Manufacture of furniture. In addition to room and island decoration, players can also invite animal villagers to live on the island. To keep the island from looking overcrowded, an island can hold up to 10 Animal Crossing villagers. buy Nook Miles Tickets give access to mysterious islands, which means you can leave your island and go to an unfamiliar island to collect island design materials. Like previous editions, ACNH Bells are the most important currency in circulation in New Horizons. You need to work hard to make money and pay off your debts.