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Animal Crossing November Updates & Changes - Events, Seasonal Items, Bugs, Fish & More In New Horizons


With the arrival of November, Animal Crossing: New Horizons' islands have also undergone some changes. Players in the northern hemisphere will enter the last month of autumn to prepare for the cold winter, while players in the southern hemisphere will end the spring and will enter the summer. Seasonal changes not only bring us new seasonal materials and DIY recipes but also mean the return of some small critters, this gives new players the opportunity to collect more Animal Crossing Items. In this guide, we will introduce Animal Crossing: New Horizons' new events, seasonal items, new critters, and more in November 2022.


Animal Crossing November 2022 Events & Seasonal Items In New Horizons


   November Events             Date      Seasonal Items
  Day of the Dead October 25th to November 3rd, 2022 Marigold Decoration
Lantern Festival November 1st to 11th, 2022 Handheld Lantern
Shichi-Go-San November 11th to 20th, 2022 Chitose Ame
Thanksgiving Postcard November 1st to 30th, 2022 Postcard, Turkey Day Card
Bug-Off November 19th, 2022 Artisanal Bug Cage, Bug Aloha Shirt, Bug Cage, Bug Wand, Butterflies Wall, Butterfly Backpack, Ladybug Rug, Ladybug Umbrella, Spider Doorplate (8 Variations, Scroll Down),  Spider Web, Termite Mound, Toy Centipede, Toy Cockroach, Gold Bug Trophy, Silver Bug Trophy, Bronze Bug Trophy
ACNH Thanksgiving Turkey Day Event November 24th, 2022 12 Turkey Day Set Items, 4 Turkey Day Cooking Recipes


Animal Crossing November Seasonal Materials & DIY Recipes In New Horizons


Mushroom DIY Recipes & Items In ACNH

Players in the Northern Hemisphere can get a whole set of Mushroom seasonal crafting materials and recipes available to enjoy in November. There are five different types of Mushroom items on the island to craft new Mush and Forest themed items: 14x Flat Mushroom, 1x Rare Mushroom, 8x Round Mushroom, 15x Skinny Mushroom, 3x Elegant Mushroom

Mush Lamp

Mush Log

Mush Low Stool

Mush Parasol

Mush Partition

Mush Table

Mush Umbrella

Mush Wall

Mushroom Wand

Mushroom Wreath

Forest Flooring

Forest Wall


Maple Leaf DIY Recipes & Items


From November 16th to November 26th, there will be Maple Leaves falling from the sky onto players' islands, players can catch them with nets and craft special autumn items. Maple Leaf DIY recipes can be obtained by shooting down balloon presents.

Autumn Wall

Colored-Leaves Flooring 

Leaf Stool

Maple-Leaf Pochette 

Maple-Leaf Pond Stone 

Maple-Leaf Rug

Maple-Leaf Umbrella 

Red-Leaf Pile

Tree's Bounty Arch

Tree's Bounty Big Tree


ANCH November New Bugs, Fish & Sea Creatures In Northern Hemisphere And Southern Hemisphere 


Players Location New Bugs New Fish New Sea Creatures
Northern Hemisphere Tarantula (8000 Bells) Blue Marlin (10000 Bells) Sea Pig (10000 Bells)
Damselfly (500 Bells) Tuna (7000 Bells) Red King Crab (8000 Bells)
Mole Cricket (500 Bells) Blowfish (5000 Bells) Snow Crab (6000 Bells)
  Football Fish (2500 Bells) Dungeness Crab (1900 Bells)
  Bitterling (900 Bells) Sea Cucumber (500 Bells)
Southern Hemisphere Scorpion (8000 Bells) Mahi-Mahi (6000 Bells) Gigas Giant Clam (15000 Bells)
Banded Dragonfly (4500 Bells) Giant Trevally (4500 Bells) Vampire Squid (10000 Bells)
Queen Alexandra's Birdwing (4000 Bells) Angelfish (3000 Bells) Slate Pencil Urchin (2000 Bells)
Great Purple Emperor (3000 Bells) Betta (2500 Bells) Sea Urchin (1700 Bells)
Rosalia Batesi Beetle (3000 Bells) Nibble Fish (1500 Bells) Spotted Garden Eel (1100 Bells)
Diving Beetle (800 Bells) Rainbowfish (800 Bells)  
Violin Beetle (450 Bells) Catfish (800 Bells)  
Pondskater (130 Bells) Frog (120 Bells)  


ACNH Nature and Weather Changes In November


Whether in the real world or in Animal Crossing, the bushes change every month. In New Horizons, both orange and yellow tea olives in the northern hemisphere stopped blooming at the end of October, holly bushes began blooming until December 31, while pink and white azalea bushes in the southern hemisphere continued to bloom until the end of November. In terms of weather, heavy rain is less likely in November than at any other time of the year, and those interesting cirrus and cirrocumulus clouds that start spawning in September will continue throughout November, while in the southern hemisphere of players no longer see the river and sea fog that occurs between 5 am and 9 am.