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​Animal Crossing: Nintendo will showcase new content on October 15


Isabelle announced on Twitter that Animal Crossing: New Horizons will launch its own display on October 15. The content information reminder updated in November will last about 20 minutes and should not be missed.

The launch speed of New Horizons new things is much slower than last year, and there is a lack of new content updates. Although seasonal items used to decorate the villagers' islands will be added regularly, this does not meet the player's requirements.

The November update seems to include the highly anticipated cafe. The cafe is no stranger to the Animal Crossing series. It is a place for villagers to relax after getting off work. It also allows players to do tasks in exchange for coffee beans and furniture.

Although the content posted on Twitter did not reveal Brewster and the coffee shop, you can easily see the different attitudes of the fans in the comment section towards Brewster and the coffee shop.

Some fans are full of expectations for Brewster's somewhat boring island life, while some players think that Brewster arrival is just a momentary freshness, and in the end, like other new things, people will gradually lose interest, Brewster's arrival will not save the dilemma of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

What do you think about cafes entering New Horizons? Do you think there will be an update in November? If it does appear, ACItems will also update the new ACNH Items related to the cafe, and let you discover it as soon as possible.