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​Animal Crossing: New Horizons will usher in the Obon Festival


With the arrival of August, we will usher in one of the biggest holidays in Japan, the Bon Festival in Animal Crossing. Buddhist festivals are usually held in August and mark the return of a person's ancestors. The Japanese will clean the tombstones of their ancestors and wear light summer kimono called yukata or jinbei.

The summer festival is indeed one of the best times to come to Japan. At home, people still use cucumbers, eggplants and toothpicks to make horses and cows. Horse cucumber and Eggplant cow are called shoryouma. Each“legs” can be made with toothpicks, shortened chopsticks or any other wooden sticks. The implication is that the ancestors would use horses to go home as soon as possible, and then ride a slower cow back, stay in this world for a while, and enjoy the scenery on the way back.

Cucumber horses can be placed outside the door of the house and put incense to let the ancestors go home. Eggplant cow is sometimes displayed; however, since the purpose is a return journey, it may not be necessary. Then, put the shari-ma suit on the family altar full of offerings. These can be foods and drinks enjoyed by ancestors in their lives, such as oranges, potato chips, soft drinks, or even alcohol, such as beer.

Of course, shoryouma has appeared in Animal Crossing before. And will continue to do so in the inevitable future iterations. Eggplant cow and Cucumber Horse will be on sale through Nook Shopping from August 10th to 16th. If you want to get it as soon as possible, you can search for related ACNH Items directly from ACItems. I believe you will find it soon.