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​Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update 2.0 - Permanent Ladders


In the upcoming Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update 2.0 preview, we also noticed that the permanent ladder, the versatility of the ladder setting kit will increase the possibility of players in the island altitude.

Ladder as a tool, players can either use materials to make it or buy it from the shop. The permanent ladder will provide players with new conveniences for developing islands, and you will find its versatility.

With the addition of permanent ladders, players no longer need to worry about the limitations of slopes and the inconvenience of conventional ladders to design their island layout, and personalized island structures will be easier to achieve.

The ladder set-up kit is "permanently place ladders on cliffs", it can be placed and removed as easily as any other furniture or tools installed on the island. Players who are redesigning the island will benefit from the flexibility of the permanent ladder.

If they need to move back and forth between altitudes when redesigning part of the island, place a ladder to facilitate climbing and descending. The permanent ladder means that the player can freely climb the island without having to put it away. You can remove it immediately if you change your mind.

With the advent of the 2.0 update, players' desire to rebuild the island is becoming more and more urgent. If you have not completed the construction, then MMOSO can help obtain Animal Crossing Items immediately, the theme is yours, and supports 24/7 online services.