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​Animal Crossing: New Horizons update 1.11.1 changed the DIY recipe


DIY recipes are important manuals for players to make items in New Horizons. Players can only use the collected materials or furniture to make recipes on the DIY workbench when they learn the DIY recipes. While the latest 1.11.1 update fixes the bug, it also changes the DIY recipe. Change the DIY recipe because it hinders the player's progress.

Nintendo imposes some restrictions on some DIY recipes because it disrupts the game's story mode. All restricted DIY recipes can be obtained by making progress in the story mode. However, some players have sold these items before, and newcomers can get them without having to explore the storyline.

Now if you have a DIY recipe in your pocket before visiting or leaving your friend's island, it will disappear. In short, this means that you cannot now bring more than 70 DIY recipes to Dodo Airlines in New Horizons. This is a brilliant strategy for Nintendo because it wants to prevent players from breaking the rules and taking shortcuts.

After the DIY recipe is changed, newcomers can only explore the game plot by themselves and pack these items into their backpacks. Inaccessible recipes are like junk items or golden axes. One can learn DIY recipes by reaching Nook Miles, but such items do not have a physical DIY card.

Now if players want to get a certain DIY recipe, they have to hone in the game to get them. ACItems can also provide players with Animal Crossing Items as normal, including DIY recipes. If you have any other items you want, hurry up and place an order on