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​Animal Crossing: New Horizons September update is coming soon


With the departure of August, Animal Crossing: New Horizons will undergo a seasonal transition. Players in the northern hemisphere will see the arrival of autumn, and spring in the southern hemisphere is not far away. In addition to these seasonal changes, new seasonal events, the emergence of new DIY recipes, and more new things are waiting for you to discover.

Players in the northern hemisphere will see items related to the fall and some crafting materials. These include acorns, pine cones, maple leaves, lean mushrooms, round mushrooms, flat mushrooms, rare mushrooms, and elegant mushrooms. If you didn't get it completely last year, don't miss it this year.

In September, the most anticipated event for players in the northern hemisphere is the Bug-off event. If you don't have exclusive Bug-off event items, be sure to grab them in September, because this will be your last Bug-off event this year. Don't worry if you miss it, please go to ACItems for help.

Players in the southern hemisphere will receive a new spring seasonal item material, Young Spring Bamboo. This will provide much Young Spring bamboo furniture, a pile of leaves, bamboo noodle slides, light bamboo rugs, backpacks, etc. Friends who like bamboo furniture can take advantage of the opportunity to produce a variety of bamboo or bamboo shoots.

As the season changes, whether it is in the southern or northern hemisphere, the bushes on the island will also undergo brand-new changes.

Hibiscus bushes in the northern hemisphere will stop blooming after September 20th. Together we will look forward to the blooming of Tea Oliver bushes. Camellia bushes in the southern hemisphere will bloom until the end of September. You will not see any new bushes blooming afterward.