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​Animal Crossing: New Horizons Ideas and Methods of Island Reconstruction Planning


In Animal Crossing, players can transform the island through their efforts to make the environment of the island more beautiful. So what are the skills in planning and practice? ACItems provides ideas and methods for planning the transformation of the island, hoping to bring some help to all players.

Please modify it according to your own island map and requirements. The game has a fixed viewing angle and block layout. If there is a need to be close to nature, please bring it up. The neatness is not free enough to some extent, but it is all helpless after digging in the game.

ACItems recommends not to plan with too much earthwork. In the original mountain, most of the planes don't look good, either the shape is strange like a worm and twisted, or it is scattered or raised. Some people like Lake Center Island, some people like waterfalls, and some people like Star shape Lake or Heart-shaped Lake.

The cliffs and rivers are diverted, and the second floor around the house does not need to be particularly large, otherwise, space will be empty, giving way to the woodland as a clearing in the forest landscape. Parallel rivers are the easiest for most people to modify. It is tiring to make the rivers more natural. As long as the planning is beautiful, it is simple and easy to use.

Museums and campgrounds are not very useful, just put them in a random place to look natural.

Fruit trees have ornamental value. Players design orchards that are purely economically valuable, and the number can be changed according to demand. In April, the branches of the trees will become cherry blossom trees. The surrounding area is dotted with green leafy trees that have picked fruits. Coniferous trees are better placed in high areas. In autumn, autumn leaves can be used.

The urban planning is more detailed. Considering that the city is divided into commercial districts and residential districts because the plains and open spaces on the islands will be separated by the rivers, players also need to build bridges. The islands are divided into high-rises and strata. Players must build bridges if they want to cross freely.

If the player can regard himself as a mayor, treat the island as a city to be developed, classify the functions of the city, make a city plan for the player, and then implement it in the game. It is worth mentioning that it takes a lot of Bells and items to turn the plan into reality. ACItems can help you realize all the Animal Crossing Items and Bells immediately, making your Animal Crossing gameplay more fulfilling.