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Animal Crossing New Horizons Flower and Hybrid Flower Guide - ACItems


The flowers in Animal Crossing Items can better decorate the island landscape. How do grow and hybridize flowers?

grow and hybridize flowers image

Flowers are the Vegetation type in the Animal Crossing series, grown by planting. It's easy to find in the Animal Crossing items catalog. Flowers are not among the ACNH's most expensive items because flowers are common.


You can decide where to plant them according to your wishes. Red, white and yellow are the base colors of the flower and are very easy to obtain. To get rarer colors, you need to meet some special conditions. Besides flowers, Animal Crossing buying items can also decorate islands. Even common flowers need rain to thrive in sunlight. A flower will go through four stages, going from sprout, to stem, to budding, to flowering. Flowers will only attempt to reproduce during the budding or flowering stage. Flowers can be relocated using a shovel. There are a total of eight flower types in New Horizons: Lilies, Roses, Cosmos, Mums, Hyacinths, Windflowers, Tulips, and Pansies. Picking mature flowers, flowers that do not damage the rhizomes will revert to the bud stage and the flower roots will continue to exist and grow. Flowers watered by rain or watering can sparkle after watering cans Animal Crossing buys items.


The role of new horizons in flowers
Common flowers come in three colors and are also relatively common. Some special flowers can help you attract more bugs and help your town upgrade. Especially ACNH 2.0 items, there are many utility updates. For players, buying Animal Crossing items is just as important as hybrid flowers. When the planting flowers are ripe, the flowers are picked, used as crafting materials, worn on the hair, to attract bugs, and used as accessories, and decorations, flowers can be used in DIY recipes, given as gifts, or sold.


Where to buy Animal Crossing New Horizons flowers or flower seeds?
Every New Horizons player has a native flower on the cliff. Nook's Cranny's flower inventory rotates daily, with three flowers to choose from at any given time. All flowers can be found in Animal Crossing new horizons items. Other common color suits can be obtained from Tom Nook's stores, the Timmy and Tommy's stores, Island Villagers, or Leif's Garden Shop. Buying ACNH items from Nook's Cranny or Leif's Garden Shop is the most convenient way. Most players will choose to buy from Nook's Cranny or Leif's Garden Shop. Visit the Mystery Tour to get rare flowers too. 2,000 Nook Miles can be redeemed for a Nook Miles Ticket. With ACNH Nook Miles Tickets, Dodo Airlines will help you complete a Mystery Travel. Every island you arrive at is different, so players will appreciate the opportunity of Mystery Island Tours. Before participating in Mystery Journey, it is best to empty your backpack so that you can collect more Animal Crossing items to bring back to the island.


Hybrid Flower Considerations
1, the same type of flower
2, Plant flowers side by side or diagonally
3. At least one open space around the hybrid flower
4, water every day


Breeding combinations and selling prices of New Horizons Flowers (Animal Crossing Bells)



ANIMAL CROSSING LILIES iamgeRed + Red = Black or Pink
Yellow + Red = Orange
Red + White = Pink


Lily sale price
Black Lilies: 80 Bells
Orange Lilies: 80 Bells
Pink Lilies: 80 Bells
Red Lilies: 40 Bells
White Lilies: 40 Bells
Yellow Lilies: 40 Bells



new horizons ROSES iamgeRed + Red = Black
Red + White = Pink
Yellow + Red = Orange
White + White = Purple
Purple + Red = Hybrid Pink
Hybrid Pink + Yellow = Hybrid Red
Hybrid Red + Hybrid Red = Blue
Black Roses watered with Golden Watering Can = Gold


ROSES sale price
Black Roses: 240 Bells
Blue Roses: 1,000 Bells
Gold Roses: 1,000 Bells
Orange Roses: 80 Bells
Pink Roses: 80 Bells
Purple Roses: 240 Bells
Red Roses: 40 Bells
White Roses: 40 Bells
Yellow Roses: 40 Bells



Animal Crossing MUMS image
White + Red = Pink
White + White = Purple
Red + Yellow = Hybrid Yellow
Hybrid Yellow + Hybrid Yellow = Hybrid Purple
Hybrid Purple + Hybrid Purple = Green (rare)


MUMS sale price
Green Mums: 240 Bells
Pink Mums: 80 Bells
Purple Mums: 80 Bells
Red Mums: 40 Bells
White Mums: 40 Bells
Yellow Mums: 40 Bells



Animal Crossing PANSIES image
White + White = Blue
Yellow + Red = Orange
Red + Blue = Hybrid Red
Hybrid Red + Hybrid Red = Hybrid Purple (rare)


PANIES sale price
Blue Pansies: 80 Bells
Orange Pansies: 80 Bells
Purple Pansies: 240 Bells
Red Pansies: 40 Bells
White Pansies: 40 Bells
Yellow Pansies: 40 Bells



Animal Crossing WINDFLOWERS image
Orange + Red = Pink
White + White = Blue
Pink + Blue = Hybrid Red
Hybrid Red + Hybrid Red = Purple


WINDFLOWERS sale price
Blue Windflowers: 80 Bells
Orange Windflowers: 80 Bells
Pink Windflowers: 80 Bells
Purple Windflowers: 240 Bells
Red Windflowers: 40 Bells
White Windflowers: 40 Bells



Animal Crossing HYACINTHS image
Red + White = Pink
White + White = Blue
Red + Yellow = Orange
Orange + Orange = Purple


HYACINTHS sale price
Blue Hyacinths: 80 Bells
Orange Hyacinths: 80 Bells
Pink Hyacinths: 80 Bells
Purple Hyacinths: 240 Bells
Red Hyacinths: 40 Bells
White Hyacinths: 40 Bells
Yellow Hyacinths: 40 Bells



Animal Crossing COSMOS image
Yellow + Red = Orange
Red + White = Pink
Orange + Orange = Black(rare)


COSMOS sale price
Black Cosmos: 240 Bells
Orange Cosmos: 80 Bells
Pink Cosmos: 80 Bells
Red Cosmos: 40 Bells
White Cosmos: 40 Bells
Yellow Cosmos: 40 Bells



Animal Crossing TULIPS image
Red + Red = Black
Red + Yellow = Orange
Red + White = Pink
Orange + Orange = Purple (rare)


TULIPS sale price
Black Tulips: 80 Bells
Orange Tulips: 80 Bells
Pink Tulips: 80 Bells
Purple Tulips: 240 Bells
Red Tulips: 40 Bells
White Tulips: 40 Bells
Yellow Tulips: 40 Bells


Special flowers: Carnations
New Horizons Carnations are available in pink, red, and white. Carnations belong to ACNH new items 2.0. ACNH items Carnations for each color have a clear source of acquisition. On Mother's Day, you get a pink carnation. On Father's Day, you get a red carnation. white carnation must be planted by the player. For the most complete list of items, you also need to look at the new Animal Crossing items.


Animal Crossing 2.0 items contain the most comprehensive list of flowers. Whether you choose regular planting or hybrid flowers, you need Watering Can. ACNH 2.0 new items updated all Watering Can styles. The Watering Can sell at ACItems are Colorful Watering Can, Elephant Watering Can, Flimsy Watering Can, Golden Watering Can, Outdoorsy Watering Can, and Normal Watering Can. They are mainly the difference in color and material. If you don't want to do quests, buying ACNH items can also get you a Watering Can quickly. Among them, the Golden Watering Can is the most popular with players and has the longest lifespan. While exploring the island, don't forget to buy Animal Crossing items.