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​Animal Crossing: New Horizons fireworks show and seasonal items


The charm of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is that you can completely relax and enjoy life on the deserted island. You can use the rich natural resources to customize the island, explore and create an ideal island country.

In the past year, players used existing resources to make tools, fish, catch bugs, chat with cute residents, and watch the sunrise and sunset on the beach. Animal Crossing's unique festival activities are also the player's favorite. However, Nintendo's update frequency today is much lower than last year, and it is inevitable that old players will gradually lose interest.

In anticipation day by day, New Horizons finally ushered in a major update. Players upgrade Animal Crossing: New Horizons to version 1.11.0 to enjoy the upcoming fireworks festival, as well as seasonal items. At the same time, ACItems is also busy preparing new items for everyone.

The firework show mentioned in the previous issue of ACItems is also the focus of this update. Every Sunday in August after 7pm, a firework show will light up the sky of your island. If you feel that your fireworks show is too monotonous, you can design your own fireworks by providing a custom design pattern for Isabelle.

When you're out to celebrate, be sure to use Bells to purchase in-game raffle tickets from Redd. Friends who participated in the event last year will have surprises this year. If you buy ACNH Bells from ACItems before you have time to prepare, we will prepare the most timely and cheapest Bells for you.

Players can check Nook Shopping through Nook Stop in Resident Services to get seasonal items. Animal Crossing also provided us with an activity guide map:

You can choose exquisite products for yourself based on the above clues. If you feel that the price sold by Nook Stop is unacceptable, it doesn't matter, you can buy Animal Crossing Items from, and we will provide you with the freshest acnh items in time. Now, quickly download and update to the latest version.