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​Animal Crossing: New Horizons Final, huge free update in November


In the Animal Crossing Direct streaming on October 15th, the most important information we got was that Animal Crossing: New Horizons will have a major free update on November 5th, which will be after the release in March 2020. An unprecedented update.

In addition to a large number of new features, improvements, and quality of life adjustments requested by fans, there are many other improvements and additions. Brewster's cafe The Roost has finally come to New Horizons and will be installed in the museum. There, you can pay 200 animal crossing bells to enjoy a steaming pigeon milk latte with other players or villagers passing by to chat. You can also summon specific characters through Amiibo figurines/cards.

Kapp'n will anchor on a new pier on your coastline. For 1000 Nook Miles, you can visit an island with him, which may provide you with an alternative season and time of day, allowing you to collect resources when you go home at any time of the year.

Harv's Island will also usher in a major renovation. You can use ACNH Bells here to provide a place for vendors to showcase, including items like Saharah and Redd, as well as new customization options from Reese and Cyrus, as well as the old mayor Tortimer, hairstylist Harriet and Katrina fortune teller.

Talk to Tom Nook, you can unlock new exterior customization styles for your house and increase your storage space from the previous 2,400 items to 5,000. Talk to Isabelle and you can finally set up island ordinances, including early or night owl opening hours for shops.

In addition, you will find 12 KK Polka, a new music box project, 11 hairstyles and 11 additional reactions. You will experience a brand new island life and a more feature-rich Nook Miles app.

This may be the last free update for ACNH. At the same time, you will see a paid extension Happy Home Paradise, this player provides a new set of gameplay, including some additional decoration options. We will also introduce it slowly.

With such a detailed update list, ACItems will only be familiar to players earlier than players, so you don't have to worry about whether the Animal Crossing Items we provide is comprehensive, we will keep up with the official pace and update it to ensure that players use it in time.