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Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2022 Guide - Six New Tips & Tricks You Need To Know



In today's article, we will introduce you to six Animal Crossing: New Horizons tips and tricks you can't miss, whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, hope these can help your island life be more exciting.


Animal Crossing New Horizons Tips 1 - Science Pod


In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the Science Pod is one of the few cool functional items, we can see in Petrie's house. Its function is that we can put something inside and watch it float around.



Animal Crossing New Horizons Tips 2 - Castle Items 


ACNH 2.0 adds a small function of castle items that many players like. Like the science pod, we can also put smaller things on top of them, which can be directly placed on the top of the tower. What's more interesting is to put the gyroids on the top of this place by yourself, because if you do this yourself, they are like small guards guarding our island castle.



Animal Crossing New Horizons Tips 3 - Happy Own Paradise Office


If you head to the Happy own Paradise office, during the game's major holiday season, you may find that Lottie is actually decorating her office in the Fion Paradise islands, and isn't really involved with what's going on on your main island. But it's a nice little acknowledgment of some major events, and a really cool little detail is that Lottie actually carved her pumpkin to look like her.



Animal Crossing New Horizons Tips 4 - Villagers' homes


In the game, if you use the ability to redecorate a villager's house,  then an interesting little detail will occur. If you don't add cooking stoves or crafting to the villagers, they will actually change things in their homes, which means your villagers will always be able to make things or cook. The villager's home is definitely one of the best new features that they introduced in New Horizons. Once you have completed the happy and Paradise DLC, it is definitely worth starting.


Animal Crossing New Horizons Tips 5 - ACNH Roost


In roost, if you invite a normal villager with an Amiibo who happened to live on your island in the past, but they won't actually remember you at the moment, they'll have some special dialogue, and they'll remember living on your island is a very cool island. This is especially cool, because, in most other places in the game, your former villagers don't remember you at all.


Animal Crossing New Horizons 6 - KK Slatter Concert


In ACNH, if you actually go to a KK slatter concert and it turns out you played a song with him, you can clap with your villagers in the small cut scene, this feature is the 2.0 update added when. When you take a boat with him and clap to the captain's song, you can enjoy it with your villagers, and you actually have to let them sit in this area.


The above are the six new tricks in Animal Crossing New Horizons that you may not know, go and experience them now. If you want to get a lot of Animal Crossing items quickly, welcome to ACItems to buy, the price is cheap and the service is good.