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​Animal Crossing: New Horizons: 1.11.1 update fixes the museum bug


Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Latest Update 1.11.1 is a supplemental update to 1.11.0. This update provides 12 new foods, plus 12 from last year, to 24. New Horizons also launched new seasonal events for veterans to fully enjoy the update.

Before the 1.11.1 update, you may also find a bug in the museum. The museum is a landmark of the Animal Crossing series, so its mistakes made users angry, but Nintendo quickly repaired it.

1.11.1 update fixes the museum Bug

The fish, insects, artwork, marine life and fossil specimens you find on the island will be displayed in the museum. Of course, first you need to give the specimen you found to the museum curator Blathers so that he can show it to you. During your conversation with Blathers, you can visit the museum.

In addition to the errors in the museum, the player also discovered that the villagers suddenly disappeared from the museum, which undoubtedly made the entire building quite plain and boring. In this regard, more and more players began to complain, Nintendo took action and through the 1.11.1update to fix the bug, the villagers returned to the museum.

Nintendo may have made some changes to the spawn rate of villagers after the update. According to him, after searching for a few days, not even a single villager was found, and suddenly they found two out of thin air. After fixing the bug, Nintendo unexpectedly made some changes to the villager's spawn rate.

Anyway, it is nice to see your villagers roaming around the museum and asking them what they think of museum specimens. I don't know what other bugs you have found, you can discuss it with the players on our Discord platform.

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