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​Animal Crossing: New Horizons 1.11.0 DIY recipe acquisition guide


Animal Crossing: New Horizons 1.11.0 introduced new events, items and DIY recipes that once again attracted the interest of players. In this update, we can even see Halloween event items, which also means that this update will last until the end of October. What we are going to mention today is the newly added DIY recipe that allows players to make time-limited items.

There are many ways to obtain DIY recipes, the most common are three, they are:

1. If you often walk by the beach, you will find a drifting bottle. Pick it up and you will find a DIY recipe in the bottle.

2. Every day there will be a gift box floating above the island. Use a slingshot to shoot down the balloon. The gift box will drop on the beach immediately. Pick it up and you will find a DIY recipe.

3. Talk to the residents of the island every day, and they sometimes give you DIY recipes.

4. Visiting characters may be rewarded and get related DIY recipes.

The above methods are usually used by players. Some DIY recipes are difficult to obtain, and sometimes they can only be encountered by luck. If you particularly want a certain DIY recipe, you may wish to get help from ACItems. We will provide you with all the DIY recipes that appear in Animal Crossing for you to purchase, and the most important thing is that it is cheap.

If you are a careful player, you should have discovered that Nintendo has updated three new recipes for Halloween. This is a surprise for players because not many people have found out. Now someone has mastered all of Animal Crossing. recipe.

More importantly, all the items made are customizable, implying that players can get different colors and versions. Sadly, most of them require pumpkins, which are not easily available now. Among these DIY recipes, is there anything you particularly want? If you haven't seen all the DIY Recipes, you can browse them at, there may be surprises.