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​Animal Crossing: Creative ways to avoid wasp stings


Players of New Horizons will do some daily tasks on the island every day. When making DIY Recipes, players need to cut or shake trees to obtain different woods. During the process of cutting trees, they sometimes encounter wasps. When the wasps appear, the players are easy Injuries, unless they catch them with a net first, run to a safe place indoors, or quit the game in time.

Players also summed up their own ways to avoid being stung by the wasp. Once the wasps are awakened, Quick Reaction players can use insect-catching nets to catch the wasps to avoid being stung, or use marbles. If your design ability is strong, marbles can also be your defensive tool. Players can buy marbles in the Animal Crossing shop Nook's Cranny, where they are sold for 100 bells. If you think it is expensive, I recommend you to buy Cheap ACNH Bells directly from, or you can buy Items directly.

Wasps are worth 2,500 bells if caught, and they appear at any time of the year, which makes them relatively popular. In contrast, using party popcorn to disperse wasps may not be the most economical and reasonable way to deal with bee colonies in the game, but it is really interesting to witness.

If you have a better way, you can share it with your friends. ACItems will also find and provide the most detailed method for you the first time. If you don't want to spend precious time on these trivial materials, you can also purchase ACNH Items from to better enjoy the game.