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Animal Crossing Bells - Money Tree Guide - Animal Crossing: New Horizons


New Horizons' Money Tree doesn't produce fruit like apples, pears, or cherries, but ACNH Bells. Shake it and you'll get a Bells of money.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons Trees: Fruit Trees and Money Trees
Trees in Animal Crossing New Horizons are divided into fruiting and fruitless trees. Fruit trees can bear Apples, Cherries, Coconuts, Peaches, Pears, and Oranges. Each tree bears 3 fruits. By eating fruit, you can provide mental power for the player's adventure activities. You can eat up to 10 fruits per day, and there are no restrictions on fruit types. And the money tree also bears fruit, but it bears money bells. Bells are not edible, but you can spend them at Nook's Cranny, ABLE Sister, or Nook Shopping. Most of the shops sold in the island shop accept Animal Crossing Bells payment, and Nook Miles can also get some rare items on sale.



How to Plant an ACNH Money Tree? - How to Move a Money Tree?
Money Tree Animal Crossing is a tree with long bells. They only produce bells once, and when you shake the purse off the tree, they revert back to a regular tree. If you want to move the location of the New Horizon Money Tree, you need to wait for the money tree to grow saplings before moving. Moving money trees does not affect money values.


Plant an ACNH Money Tree tips iamge



How to plant Money Trees ACNH?
How to make a money tree in Animal Crossing?
1, Wander around the island until you find a glowing spot (one glowing spot will appear every day).
2, Take out the shovel from the backpack and dig at the bright spot. Be careful not to close the glowing hole. (Mining will give you 1000 Bells).
3, Deposit the amount of Plant Money Tree Animal Crossing you want. A small sapling will sprout in its place.
4, Wait about three days. During this period, no watering is required.
5, Shake the tree and take your AC Bells.


The likelihood of a tree blooming depends on the number of buried ACNH Bells. The harvest is generally three times the amount you bury. This process saves time and effort than buying ACNH Money. This means that you deposit 1,000 AC Bells and you will receive 3 packages for a total of 3,000 bells. The maximum number of Animal Crossing Bells any one tree can produce is 90,000, and it will only bloom once, which means burying more than 90,000 Bells is detrimental. The following data is for reference:

Bells buried Bloom chance Bells dropped Expected return % return
1,000 1% 3,000 30 3%
5,000 5% 15,000 750 15%
10,000 10% 30,000 3,000 30%
20,000 20% 60,000 12,000 60%
30,000 30% 90,000 27,000 90%
40,000 40% 90,000 36,000 90%
50,000 50% 90,000 45,000 90%
60,000 60% 90,000 54,000 90%
70,000 70% 90,000 63,000 90%
80,000 80% 90,000 72,000 90%
90,000 90% 90,000 81,000 90%
100,000 100% 90,000 90,000 90%
110,000 100% 90,000 90,000 82%
120,000 100% 90,000 90,000 75%



The Importance of Animal Crossing Money Tree to New Horizons Games
ACNH Money Trees provides the most efficient and reliable way to make money in New Horizons, but you can also lose a lot of money if you don't do it right. How much your tree will grow depends on how much you bury. The more money you bury, the better your chances of winning the ACNH Money Tree jackpot. When you bury more than a certain amount, it may backfire. Since a new sparkle appears every day, that means you can plant a new money tree every day. This way you can get a lot of money or bells quickly. As a professional deal site, ACitems.com offers ACNH Bells for Sale, cheap ACNH Items, and Nook Miles Tickets. Compared to planting money trees, buying ACNH bells can greatly reduce your time consumption. Here's how to grow a money tree in Animal Crossing and a quick guide on how much you'll earn.