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​Animal Crossing: Are you ready for Halloween themed items


Entering October also means entering Halloween mode. There will also be new items related to Halloween on the island. We must pay special attention to Nook's Cranny's candies and planting pumpkins. Presumably players have already begun to prepare.

Throughout October, you will be surrounded by an eerie atmosphere. Common Halloween-themed items such as Spooky Treats Baskets, Spooky Trick Lamps, pumpkins, candies and costumes in various colors are our main goals this month, and all of these items are It can be purchased at Nook's Cranny, you only need to prepare enough Animal Crossing Bells.

You can buy Halloween costumes from Able Sisters to welcome Jack on October 31. So you must buy candy from Nook's Cranny before October 31st, because Jack exchanges exclusive items for it.

Traveling gardening expert Leif will also create a festive atmosphere by selling pumpkin starters for players to plant on the island. In addition, the upcoming Mexican holiday Día de los Muertos in November is also known as the Day of the Dead.

ACItems will also provide you with the most comprehensive Halloween dressing service. No matter what item you are missing, what color Halloween item, as long as it appears on the island, you can get it on