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​Animal Crossing: All the critters in new horizons in November


With the coming of November, Turkey Day is also coming soon. This is a happy season. Even if there are no major updates or major incidents, the ecological environment on the island will change.

Deep Sea Creatures, fish and bugs, new discoveries will be made every month. Animal Crossing: All the bugs that first appeared in November in New Horizons:

Northern Hemisphere

    Damselfly- 500 bells

    Mole cricket- 500 bells

    Tarantula- 8,000 bells

Southern Hemisphere

    Great purple emperor- 3,000 bells

    Queen Alexandra's birdwing- 4,000 bells

    Banded dragonfly- 4,500 bells

In addition to the changes in the ecological environment on the island in November, there is also an update of ACNH2.0. Players who like to capture creatures must pay attention to updates and changes. It is worth mentioning that ACItems will update the Animal Crossing Items of ACNH2.0 in time to ensure that players can find the items they want in time.