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ACNH 2.0 Most Popular Villagers Species - Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2022 Villager Species Tier List


Animal Crossing New Horizons is a real-life simulator where every environment in this 3D world changes with the time and seasons of the real world, no matter if players are away or playing. For most gamers, ACNH acts as an exit route from their daily stressful and exhausting life, there is full of wonderful content and various villagers in the game. In today's article, we will rank all the villagers in Animal Crossing New Horizons by species.



ACNH Most Popular Villagers Tier List By Species 2022 

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, there are a total of 35 villager species, from mice in dumpsters to graceful deer in fields. Each player has their favorites and hates, these villagers can become the source of great joy and friendship, or great pain and anguish. In this ACNH Villager Species Tier List, we're listing the most popular Villagers in Animal Crossing New Horizons by species. (Note: Popularity trends in many Animal Crossing communities are constantly changing, so it's nearly impossible to accurately rank every villager in the game.)


 No. 10 - Eagles


ACNH Best Engle Villagers


1. Apollo (B Tier)


2. Quinn (C Tier)


3. Celia (D Tier)


4. Avery (D Tier)


5. Sterling (F Tier)



No. 9 - Penguins 

ACNH Best Penguin Villagers


1. Roald (A Tier)


2. Aurora (B Tier)


3. Sprinkle (C Tier)


4. Wade (C Tier)


5. Chabwick (D Tier)


No. 8 - Dogs


1. Lucky (A Tier)


2. Cherry (A Tier)


3. Goldie (B Tier)


4. Cookie (B Tier)


5. Daisy (C Tier)



No. 7 - Ostriches 


ACNH Best Ostrich Villagers


1. Flora (A Tier)


2. Phoebe (B Tier)


3. Julia (B Tier)


4. Blanche (B Tier)


5. Gladys (B Tier)



No. 6 - Wolves


ACNH Best Wolf Villagers


1. Audie (A Tier)


2. Fang (A Tier)


3. Whitney (B Tier)


4. Wolfgang (B Tier)


5. Skye (B Tier)


No. 5 - Bearcubs


ACNH Best Bearcub Villagers


1. Stitches (S Tier)


2. Maple (S Tier)


3. Bluebear (B Tier)


4. Pekoe (B Tier)


5. June (C Tier)


No. 4 - Octopus


ACNH Best Octopus Villagers


1. Zucker (S Tier)


2. Marina (S Tier)


3. Cephalobot (A Tier)


4. Octavian (B Tier)


No. 3 - Squirrels


ACNH Most Popular Squirrels


1. Marshal (S Tier)


2. Ione (S Tier)


3. Poppy (A Tier)


4. Filbert (B Tier)


5. Sylvana (B Tier)


No. 2 - Deers


ACNH Best Deer Villagers


1. Shino (S Tier)


2. Beau (S Tier)


3. Fauna (A Tier)


4. Erik (A Tier)


5. Diana (A Tier)


No. 1 - Cats


ACNH Best Cat Villagers


1. Raymond (S Tier)


2. Ankha (S Tier)


3. Lolly (S Tier)


4. Bob (A Tier)


5. Tangy (A Tier)